Want to help us end the year with a bang? Then check this out!

Thank you to the wonderful parents who showed support during Teacher Appreciation week!
Field day is this Friday and we still need a few more volunteers to help run the events.
Also Book Fair and PTC dinners are in need of help. We couldn’t make these amazing events possible without the help of parent volunteers.
Look on Track it Forward to see what will fit your schedule best to help:

The Future is WOW!

Thank you parents for making this year such a great experience!  From fall festival to Gala, we’ve had a great time and some super awesome helping hands.

This Thursday evening May 3rd will be our last MAPA meeting of the school year.  It will be held at 7:00 pm at the school.  Please come join us.  As a parent of this school you are automatically a member of our parent organization, and are absolutely welcome to come join us.

Thursday’s meeting will be setting the stage for the 2018-2019 school year.  We will be voting on new board members for MAPA.  Also, if you need a handy way to make sure you get those required 40 volunteer hours in next year come and see if one of our committee chair positions might work for you.

We are always looking for volunteers and are hear to help you know what opportunities are available.  We also love meeting the other parents who do so much for our school!  Let’s make our future so bright we really will need to wear shades.

We hope the end of the school year is a fun and rewarding time for your families!

Thank you