Come be “In The Know”

Do you ever wonder what is going on at Maria Montessori Academy?  Are you wondering how you can get to know your child’s teachers and friends?  Then come get in the know!

MAPA is having it’s first meeting for the school year, and you won’t want to miss it.  Come and learn all the many ways you can get your required volunteer hours in.  (Trust me, there are ways for any parent with any crazy schedule to help.)  Get to know others in our MMA community and have an opportunity to offer your own ideas to create an environment at our school that any family could envy being a part of.

We would love to see you there, and are excited to meet with friends new and old.  Conveniently timed after drop off at 8:45 am this Friday 9/1/17 in the Conference Room at MMA.

Welcome Back MMA families!

Hello MMA families! It’s that time again! Plans for rocking this school year are being put in place and you’re going to LOVE what’s on the calendar! MAPA is so grateful for your selfless volunteerism and can’t thank you enough for helping to build lasting memories for our children and endless appreciation for our teachers!

Be sure to stop by our table at the pool party next week (Aug 15th at 7pm) to get your first choice of where to rack up your 40 volunteer hours!

Ready to plug in hours now?! You can either (1) Help with our Teacher Appreciation Breakfast this Monday Aug 14th at 8am (you can even sneak a piece of bacon, we won’t tell!) by signing up at or (2) Yield the power to stop traffic as a crossing guard by signing up at (We’re needing 2 a day!)

We can’t wait to see you all! Now go enjoy the rest of your summer!