Passive ways to Fundraise

Did you know how many amazing ways there are to help raise money for our school with minimal effort?  Each of the programs below will help our students by taking advantage of the shopping you are already doing.  Take a few minutes of time to follow the steps below, and get set to bring some wonderful benefits to your children at MMA.

See below for step by step instructions that will walk you through signing up with Smith’s Inspiring Donations, Amazon Smile, and

  • Smith’s Inspiring Donations

1: Click the link below:

2: Sign in using your current Smiths information, or click Register to create a new account.

If you create a new account, find the Inspiring Donations link at the bottom of the page under Community.

3: Click the “Enroll Now” button

4: Under Inspiring Donations heading click the “Enroll Now” button again.

5: Enter and Save your personal information.

6: Enter MMA’s code US041 in the “Find your Organization” field and click “Search”

7: Select “Maria Montessori Academy” and click the “Enroll” button.

Just like that, every time you shop at Smith’s with your rewards program Smith’s donates to the school!


  • Amazon Smile

Instead of making your purchases at, use Amazon Smile and 0.5% of your eligible purchases will be donated to the school.

1: Click the below link:

2: Log-in with your standard Amazon credentials, or create a new account if you don’t have one.

3: Click on the “Supporting” button right under the search bar.

4: Type Maria Montessori Academy in the search field at the bottom and click “Search”

5: Click the “Select” button for our Maria Montessori Academy which will show as located in North Ogden UT.

Only purchases made through the Smile site will work, and unfortunately this option is not yet available in the Amazon App.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy right?


iGive is a fundraising service that allows access to different rewards programs from multiple retailers.

iGive has several different ways it can be used based on your preference.  You can use the website.  You can shop using the iGive App for iPhone, iPad, or Android.  Or you can install the iGive Button to your browser, use this link for more information about the browser button.

1: Click on the below link:

2: Log-in or create a new account.

3: After creating your account click “Search by Name” in the dialogue box that appears.

4: Enter “Maria Montessori Academy” and click “Search Now”

5: Select our school by click on “Maria Montessori Academy – MAPA” in the list.

Now you have an account and can use any of the shopping methods listed above.