MAPA Meeting Changes!

Hey everyone!

There have been some changes to the MAPA meeting times! Please make sure that you come to the meetings at the correct time, 3:45pm for the reminder of this school year; with the exception of the May meeting which will be at 6pm.  Sorry for any confusion. Thanks everyone. For more information about meetings please check out our Facebook here:

Or feel free to email or comment here with questions:

Thanks again everyone and enjoy your holiday!

Feelin’ all that Gratitude!

Hey everyone! Welcome new-comers and first-timers to our blog! We are excited to have you! We will keep it short and to the point. Here is what’s on and poppin’ through the rest of November for MAPA:

Thanks & Stuff:

Thanks to everyone who came out and had fun at the skate night! What a blast that was! We’ve been seeing you guys at our events and that has not gone unnoticed! We appreciate the support and love, and as always we love spending time with our amazing MMA families! You guys bring the party! Thanks for spending Friday night with us! The fun center had nothing but amazing things to say about us and can’t wait to host us again later on this year! Go MMA! You rock! Follow our Facebook page to see live videos and check ins from our events! If you missed this event, no worries we have another skate night coming later this year!

Posted by North Ogden Maria Montessori Academy Parent Association on Friday, November 8, 2019

Coat Swap:

Happening right now is a coat drive for our fellow students and families that may be in need of proper weather friendly gear! Bring a coat any day after school and leave it in the big box. All lost and found items are being donated to this cause as well, so please make sure you are getting in there to grab anything you don’t want donated! Meet us on Friday November 15th in the gym from 3pm-5pm for a coat swap so you can get a coat if your family needs one!

Spirit Nights:

Spirit nights are still happening every Monday night this month at the Pizza Pie Cafe in North Ogden! Go to one, go to two, go to all of them if you wish! Make sure you show them this flyer or mention the school so we get 10% of the money spent! Go for lunch, or dinner, as long as you mention our school we still get the proceeds! Thanks for being amazing guys!

Every Monday in November when you eat here, 10% of the proceeds go directly back to the school! Tell your friends and neighbors! Be sure to mention the school or show this flyer! #pizzapiecafe #pizza

Posted by North Ogden Maria Montessori Academy Parent Association on Sunday, November 3, 2019

Gratitude Feast:

Every year we, as a school, come together to say thank you to our local fire fighters, police officers, and other community members. We host a feast in their honor with delicious soups, salads and desserts. This is made possible by the help of our amazing families and donated items. It’s super easy to help out, follow the link below to sign up, bring in an item and drop it off that morning with your child at school! Done! If you can stay on and help out with the event, even better! The link to sign up is here:

Thank you amazing MMA families!

If you haven’t started our daily gratitude challenge you’re not too late! Every day a new photo prompt pops up on our Facebook page asking a question for you to ponder. Start with day one here and fill in the rest! Find your attitude of gratitude this Thanksgiving!

November is national gratitude month! Join us in a thirty day gratitude challenge! Each day a new question will appear…

Posted by North Ogden Maria Montessori Academy Parent Association on Sunday, November 3, 2019

Remember that Thanksgiving Break is Monday November 25th-Friday November 29th! Enjoy the holiday with your families. We are thankful to be a part of such an amazing community! Our next meeting is Friday December 6th at 8:45am in the conference room at the school. Come with any ideas, comments or things you may have noticed from the events we’ve been working on; or if you just need some adult time with other grown ups. We appreciate new faces, and input! Thanks everyone! Have a great holiday!




MAPA Updates for November…do you even gratitude bro?

Hey everyone and welcome to November!

Red Ribbon Week Winners:

Huge congrats to Early Childhood’s Mrs. Martha’s room for their winning door on the elementary side, and Mr. Giuseppe’s Jr. High advisory for this door on the Jr. High side! MMA sent out a message that reached (and is still reaching) over thousands of people. When our door decorating contest ended, over four thousand people had seen these doors, they crossed into five countries and six different language barriers! We are so proud of our school and our students for the messages of being drug free that they sent out during red ribbon week! Both winning classes have been contacted about setting up their winning pizza parties and that is in the works.  

Thirty Day Gratitude Challenge:

Every day this month on our Facebook page we are challenging you to have an attitude of gratitude! A new photo question will appear for you to answer, share out with your friends and family or ponder to yourself. Try to answer all thirty! Don’t let your gratitude stop with November, carry it with you throughout the rest of the year! It will change your life!


If you are feeling like a mushroom (in the dark and being feed crap) follow us on slack:

This is a great way to get as much or as little information as you want on what’s going on, how to volunteer, and what you can do to be more active in the school and MAPA events. Slack is like Facebook but it’s more of a work space app with different threads on everything that MAPA does so you can know EVERYTHING! It’s a great way to voice opinions, and your ideas if you want to share out ways to make things run smoother! We look forward to hearing from you!

Pizza Pie Cafe:

Every Monday through the month of November Pizza Pie Cafe in North Ogden has been gracious enough to host spirit nights for us! If you get a chance please visit on a Monday and either bring this flyer or mention the Maria Montessori Academy! There is a post on our Facebook you can share as well! What a delicious way to earn money for the school! Yum!

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Family Skate Night:

Our family skate night is also coming up fast! Flyers should have gone out for this as well but if you didn’t get one or your child ‘misplaced it’ here is another copy so you can get mad discounts on awesome stuff to do there. Remember admission is free and you can even bring your own skates/scooters from home! Food is discounted which is nice, you can bring the whole family and make a night of it! What an awesome way to spend a Friday night!

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Gratitude Fest:

Sooooo much going on this month for MAPA!!! This is the one thing that we will defiantly need your help with guys! For those of you that are new, this is a hot lunch where we serve soup and salad to some of our service men and women of the community to say ‘thanks.’ We have other snacks, pies and desserts and it’s a big hit. We usually invite local fire departments, police stations, and other service, and community members such as these. The event will be on track it forward so you can help out by signing up soon. Watch for this later this month!

Gratitude from MAPA:

Guys on behalf of the MAPA board we just want to express some gratitude for you amazing families that have made this such a great year so far! Your support has been felt this year though our Fall Festival and spirit nights and we are so thankful to have that at our school! We feel grateful to be able to serve you and this amazing community!  We feel blessed to belong to such an awesome school with such a wonderful and welcoming presence about it. We are grateful for our admin, teachers, and faculty that make MMA the amazing place that it is! You guys make this happen. MMA rocks!