Packing List

applesWe will be going over how to make a foil dinner in CTE class tomorrow.  We will also discuss what to pack.  Here is the recommended list:


Foil dinner in labeled ziplock baggy
cold lunch for first day (will be cooler if you need to store it)
water bottle
mess kit
Backpack or some kind of tote (to carry water bottle and cold lunch during wetlands exploration
sun protection
sleeping bag
sleeping pad
headlamp or flashlight
multi-tool (optional, and must report that you have one so teachers are aware)
toothbrush/toothpaste, toiletries
insect repellent
change of clothes
swimsuit, or something you can get wet (We will be trying out paddle boarding)
tent (we need a few more, so please contact one of the teachers if you can bring a tent)
Bandana (optional)
Rain gear

Flip flops for waterfront

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