Job Shadow Reflection Due by Dec 5th


All 7th and 8th grade job shadow reflections are due December 5th.  Here are the links for the forms:

Student Reflection Form (the same form for 7th & 8th grades) The reflection form will be used as a pre-write for a Utah Compose writing exercise for all students.

Job Shadowing Presentation Rubric (7th grade only) My CTE Intro students have already recieved their job shadow packet.  This original packet is worth 30 pts.  However, reality dictates that life happens and they will need another copy. However, it will cost them 30 points when they turn in the secondary copy.

Students will also be required to write a thank you letter to their host/hostess. If you would like a copy of the thank you letter format just email me and I will forward that to you.

If, for whatever reason, your student did not job shadow they will need to choose a job or occupation to research. They will still be required to present.  If you have any questions about this wonderful opportunity don’t hesitate to email Ms. Emily any time!


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