Family Skate night is Coming

Please join us for Family Skate night!

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Uniform Swap!!!

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MAPA Kickoff

Are you ready to get things moving forward for a great new school year?  We are too!  Come join us on Friday September 7, 2018 after drop-off at 8:45 am, for our first MAPA meeting of the 2018-2019 school year. If you are a parent at MMA you are already a part of MAPA!  We love to see faces familiar and new, so swing on in and say hello.

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Get your volunteer opportunities here!

Did you miss the sign-up sheets floating around the school the past week?  All the first week hubbub sure makes it easy to overlook something.  Have no fear though, use the following links to let us know you are willing and able to help.

We love our volunteers!  Our events simply couldn’t be as wonderful as they are without the continuous love and support we get from our MMA families.  Not only are you helping our community grow and flourish, but your also knocking out those required volunteer hours.  Who doesn’t like multi-tasking when it’s this easy!

Check the below links, and sign up where ever you would like.

Classroom Volunteer Sign-up


Box Top Store

Gala Art

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Did somebody say DONUTS?!?


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Want to help us end the year with a bang? Then check this out!

Thank you to the wonderful parents who showed support during Teacher Appreciation week!
Field day is this Friday and we still need a few more volunteers to help run the events.
Also Book Fair and PTC dinners are in need of help. We couldn’t make these amazing events possible without the help of parent volunteers.
Look on Track it Forward to see what will fit your schedule best to help:
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The Future is WOW!

Thank you parents for making this year such a great experience!  From fall festival to Gala, we’ve had a great time and some super awesome helping hands.

This Thursday evening May 3rd will be our last MAPA meeting of the school year.  It will be held at 7:00 pm at the school.  Please come join us.  As a parent of this school you are automatically a member of our parent organization, and are absolutely welcome to come join us.

Thursday’s meeting will be setting the stage for the 2018-2019 school year.  We will be voting on new board members for MAPA.  Also, if you need a handy way to make sure you get those required 40 volunteer hours in next year come and see if one of our committee chair positions might work for you.

We are always looking for volunteers and are hear to help you know what opportunities are available.  We also love meeting the other parents who do so much for our school!  Let’s make our future so bright we really will need to wear shades.

We hope the end of the school year is a fun and rewarding time for your families!

Thank you


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2018-2019 MAPA board

GREAT NEWS!! We have candidates for the  MAPA Board next year! They will be voted in at our May 3rd Spring General MAPA Meeting. If we hear of any other parents wanting to be candidates, we will hold a vote at the meeting as well.

-President- Angela Voraotsady
-Vice President- Natalie Monsen
-Treasurer- Shauna Guthrie
-Secretary- Ashley Carlson

The 2018-2019 MAPA Board needs your help! We are in need of Chairs and Co-Chairs for the following committees:

GALA Chair & Co-Chair- These people would plan & execute the schools annual Gala.

Safety Committee Chair & Co Chair- These people would be responsible for finding morning crossing guards/ plan and execute red ribbon week & make sure the safety bags in classrooms are up to date.

Events chair & Co Chair- These people would plan and execute the Fall Festival/Gratitude Feast & Field Day.

Room Parent Chair- This person would be responsible for finding room parents for the teachers & communicating to the room parents when there is a need from them from the board.

Book Fair Co Chair- This person would assist Jamie Lopez in running the book fairs during PTC.

We want these wonderful events and opportunities to continue to happen for our school and students, so keep your eyes and ears open for someone who would do a great job!

Thank you!


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It’s PARTY Time!

You guys, GALA is this weekend!  Are you planning on another hum drum Saturday night?  Well have no fear, MAPA is here with a fun night planned for you at the Union Station.  Come enjoy an exceptional catered dinner, visit with friends, and get to know faculty and staff members better (maybe even find out an embarrassing story or two).  There will be music and several beautiful baskets up for silent auction.  Trust me, these baskets are great! You won’t want to miss out.  Also come bid on the fantastic art your children helped create.  These are one of a kind pieces and something you can proudly hang on your wall.

(Second Level art – each child designed their own petroglyph.)

Also remember that this fundraiser is what helps MAPA raise funds for many things needed at our school, such as new playground equipment, (wink, wink…). Have you noticed you’ve not had your children asked to sell cookie dough or wrapping paper?  This is our biggest fund raiser of the year.  Bring yourselves, grandparents, or anyone else who would enjoy a night out on the town for St. Patty’s Day!

MAPA will be selling tickets drive through style in the North Shore parking lot this Wednesday and Thursday from 3-4 pm.  Or you can still purchase them at the following link:

(Some of our baskets are all ready for the big day!)


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You’re Invited!

Please join us Friday  3/2 at 8:45 am for our next MAPA meeting in the conference room.  It’s not to late to get involved and we love to have new faces and new ideas!  We also want to thank all those parents who have contributed to our school this year, we’d love to see you all there.  (And remember, attending MAPA meetings counts toward your service hours.)

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