Important Reminders

Don’t forget to get your Gala tickets now before prices go up! MAPA and the GALA committee will be available to sell tickets all through PTC, or you can order them now using the below link.

Ticket Payment Link:

Also, don’t forget to order the 2014-2015 Hardcover Yearbook (Not for Junior High).  Early bird order season is past but it isn’t too late to order.  Yearbook orders are available until April 28, 2015.  Yearbooks are $25 this year, $30 if you want your student’s  name on the cover.  This year’s book is amazing, plus it will last for a long time because it will have a HARDCOVER on it instead of the soft/paper cover we are used to.  The hardcover and the additional pages is why it is $5 more than years past.



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