New Aspire Accounts

Hi parents,

In order to register your child for next year, you will need to have your online Aspire account created. The instructions are found here:

This needs to be done by the 20th of December. Please contact the office for questions.

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Winter Feast!

We are having a junior high feast on December 13th at 11:00-1:00. Each advisory is bringing a type of dish. The assignments are:

Mr. Craig: Side Dish
Mr. Giuseppe: Side Dish
Mr. Richard: Meat/Protein
Ms. Dore: Desserts

Each child should bring a dish to share based on who their advisor is. Parents, you are invited to come join us!

Please email for questions.


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Important Aspire Information

Have you created your parent Aspire account yet? This is an easy way to change your contact information, add emergency contacts and email your student’s teacher. You must have this account in the next few months in order to re- register your students for next year (2020-2021). To sign up for an account, please click on the following link.
If you do not know your student’s ASPIRE number or have any questions, please call the office.
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“Grind” Week!

This week has been what many students affectionately label as “Grind Week” because it is the week before the end of the quarter. Our teachers have given deadlines to get all late summative work turned in so that students are not failing classes. For more information about that, please review the Junior High Handbook. You may also find the information quickly in last week’s MMM. You may have your students log in to Canvas with you to look at grades and to see if any summative work is missing. Teachers will usually label an assignment with an S to note the differentiation. Please contact your child’s teachers if you have any questions. The end of the quarter is Wednesday, October 15th.
We also would like to welcome our new math teacher Mr. Craig. He comes to MMA with over 20 years of teaching math for Davis School District. We are so lucky to have him here!
Starting next quarter, we will no longer allow students to reassess during Advisory. The reassessment is the process by which a student may seek a better grade on a summative assignment. Students have been unwilling to come in after school for this, however, this is not going to be an option. Advisory is not a time for reassessment and is considered part of the school day and is included in the instructional hours students receive at school. Therefore, as do other area schools around us, all reassessments will be taking place after school only. Teachers do hold office hours weekly, please contact your child’s teacher for that information.
Lastly, we had our first stomp on Friday evening. Ms. Dore’s Advisory was in charge of organizing it. A big thank you to her 8th grade council as well as to a few other 8th and 9th graders who stepped up to see this through. Unfortunately, there were many misbehaviors that took place during and after the stomp. We will be discussing this as a junior high community this coming week.
Don’t forget that Fall Break is next week, no school on Thursday and Friday!
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Fall Festival!


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Parents-We Need Your Help with the Haunted House!

Dear parents, students, and teachers, we are building a haunted house for our yearly fall festival! If you would like to participate and help out, that would be greatly appreciated. We are asking for actors, donations, and helpers. 


  • Clowns
  • Scientists
  • Lab experiments
  • Guides


  • Workers
  • Guards
  • Set up
  • Take down


  • Cardboard boxes
  • 2 Fog machines
  • Baby dolls
  • Halloween decor
  • Strobe lights 
  • Speakers
  • Science tools
  • Tools
  • Heads
  • Metal chains
  • Fake hay
  • Fake body parts
  • Body parts in jars
  • Costumes
  • Costume makeup

Anything donated will be returned with no damage. If you have any questions or suggestions contact devynn artzt, head planer. You can also contact the art teacher, Ms. Andria yost. Remember to please try to donate and participate. Thank you.

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Please see the attached flyers that either has or will be coming home with your children.

2019 Boosterthon Business Sponsorship Form

2019 Boosterthon T-Shirt Order Form

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School Supplies

Hello MMA Families!

Our third week of school saw students continuing with normalization as well as working on graded assignments. Your child should know the difference between a formative and a summative assignment, and how that affects their grades. There is a great amount of learning taking place in the classrooms, from tending to the chickens in Erdkinder to conducting experiments in science. They also received their planners to help keep them organized and on top of the varying due dates in their class. Each advisory has gone over how to use their planners.

Another way for students to stay organized is by having all of their needed class supplies. This is different from upper elementary in that they keep for themselves what they bring. Many of our students have not yet brought in supplies, and they are often leaving assignments in their lockers or crumpling them up in their backpacks. Supply lists have been handed out, please check with your students to see what is needed for class.

Parent Education Night is on September 5th, 5:30-7:00. It is a school wide event, please attend if you can. Our Parent Association meeting is on September 6th, 8:45am. It is a great opportunity to get in your 40 hours of volunteer service.

Thank you all for your support and have a restful Labor Day Weekend!


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Advisory Kick-Off and Family Luncheon

Hi Parents and Students!

This week began with our advisory kick-off field experience to Willard Bay. Students were put into small groups and they were to make boats out of cardboard, duct tape, and plastic.

The final event was to have been a boat race, however due to high winds and rough water, we could not put the boats in the water. We did have a race, but on the sand. We gave the students an opportunity to make adjustments to their vessels to be pushed on the sand. The winners of the Junior High Mascot was House Llorona (Mr. Richard’s Advisory).

On Thursday, we had our 1st Annual Family Luncheon where we opened our doors to families to have lunch and observe classes. All the students met in the commons for lunch, and many of you parents stopped by to visit. It was wonderful to meet all of you. Our Board Chair also stopped in to participate in this luncheon.

This week saw full days of classes. Students were engaged in DIBELS testing on Thursday afternoon and also received their planners. We, as a junior high team, will be showing students how to use their planners during advisory this next week. Students are also receiving new assignments, so check in with them to see what is happening in all of their classes.

Lastly, please review with your child our dress code. Below is the Dos and Don’ts.


Thank you for all of your support and for choosing MMA!


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Welcome to the New School Year!

Hello Junior High Students and Parents of MMA!

We, the Junior High team, had a fantastic first week with your children. We spent the first three days in our advisory classes doing team building exercises. Our eager seventh graders learned about the rules in junior high as well as how their schedules will work with moving from class to class and having different teachers for each core subject. The eighth and ninth graders benefited from having this review. The last two days of the week students began classes.

On Monday, August 19th, we will be going to Willard Bay. Please click here for the important details.

Lastly, we would like to invite you to have lunch with your children on Thursday, August 22nd. Bring your lunch and join the Junior High Community at 12:30 in the commons of the addition, then following our meal, you are welcome to observe classes until the end of the school day.

Family lucheon

Thank you for choosing MMA! We love having your children as our students and are looking forward to a fantastic school year filled with learning and community!


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