Please see the attached flyers that either has or will be coming home with your children.

2019 Boosterthon Business Sponsorship Form

2019 Boosterthon T-Shirt Order Form

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School Supplies

Hello MMA Families!

Our third week of school saw students continuing with normalization as well as working on graded assignments. Your child should know the difference between a formative and a summative assignment, and how that affects their grades. There is a great amount of learning taking place in the classrooms, from tending to the chickens in Erdkinder to conducting experiments in science. They also received their planners to help keep them organized and on top of the varying due dates in their class. Each advisory has gone over how to use their planners.

Another way for students to stay organized is by having all of their needed class supplies. This is different from upper elementary in that they keep for themselves what they bring. Many of our students have not yet brought in supplies, and they are often leaving assignments in their lockers or crumpling them up in their backpacks. Supply lists have been handed out, please check with your students to see what is needed for class.

Parent Education Night is on September 5th, 5:30-7:00. It is a school wide event, please attend if you can. Our Parent Association meeting is on September 6th, 8:45am. It is a great opportunity to get in your 40 hours of volunteer service.

Thank you all for your support and have a restful Labor Day Weekend!


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Advisory Kick-Off and Family Luncheon

Hi Parents and Students!

This week began with our advisory kick-off field experience to Willard Bay. Students were put into small groups and they were to make boats out of cardboard, duct tape, and plastic.

The final event was to have been a boat race, however due to high winds and rough water, we could not put the boats in the water. We did have a race, but on the sand. We gave the students an opportunity to make adjustments to their vessels to be pushed on the sand. The winners of the Junior High Mascot was House Llorona (Mr. Richard’s Advisory).

On Thursday, we had our 1st Annual Family Luncheon where we opened our doors to families to have lunch and observe classes. All the students met in the commons for lunch, and many of you parents stopped by to visit. It was wonderful to meet all of you. Our Board Chair also stopped in to participate in this luncheon.

This week saw full days of classes. Students were engaged in DIBELS testing on Thursday afternoon and also received their planners. We, as a junior high team, will be showing students how to use their planners during advisory this next week. Students are also receiving new assignments, so check in with them to see what is happening in all of their classes.

Lastly, please review with your child our dress code. Below is the Dos and Don’ts.


Thank you for all of your support and for choosing MMA!


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Welcome to the New School Year!

Hello Junior High Students and Parents of MMA!

We, the Junior High team, had a fantastic first week with your children. We spent the first three days in our advisory classes doing team building exercises. Our eager seventh graders learned about the rules in junior high as well as how their schedules will work with moving from class to class and having different teachers for each core subject. The eighth and ninth graders benefited from having this review. The last two days of the week students began classes.

On Monday, August 19th, we will be going to Willard Bay. Please click here for the important details.

Lastly, we would like to invite you to have lunch with your children on Thursday, August 22nd. Bring your lunch and join the Junior High Community at 12:30 in the commons of the addition, then following our meal, you are welcome to observe classes until the end of the school day.

Family lucheon

Thank you for choosing MMA! We love having your children as our students and are looking forward to a fantastic school year filled with learning and community!


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Last Chance to Order a Yearbook


Yearbook Order Deadline: 

THIS FIRDAY, March 29   $25.00 

$3.00 extra to have your name printed in awesome metallic foil on the cover


Order Online at:

 CODE: 13283719 


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Successful Intersession

The Jr High had an amazing Intersession week! Among some of the activities, students created ABC books, solved a kidnapping mystery, wrote poetry, visited the weber county library, explored the history of downtown Ogden, and camped in at the school.

We could not have done any of this without the support of our parents! Thank you to all who donated their time, food, and hard work. Without our parents we would not have been able to pull off such a feat. You truly are the backbone of our community!


What a fun tent city we created in the gym!


*We have lost and found tables in the Commons of the Jr High. All items left from Intersession have been placed there. Any items not picked up by the end of the week will be donated.

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Wednesday March 13th

We will be going to the Weber County Library Downtown

9:00am – 2:30pm


Library Card

Cold sack lunch & water bottle (lunch money if you are going to eat at the library cafe)

Wear coat and hat


Thursday March 14th

We will be going to Downtown Ogden for a Scavenger Hunt

9:00am – 2:30pm


Cold sack lunch & water bottle

Wear coat and hat


Thursday March 14th – Friday March 15th

We will be having an Overnight Camp In at MMA

March 14th 3:00pm – March 15th 1:00pm

Bring (with you in the morning to school):

Book (either from the library or from home)

Items from the packing list

Mess kit & water bottle


Forms & Information

Intersession Cover Letter

Intersession Fieldtrip Permission Form

MMA Camp In Overnight Packing List



Thank you to all that have donated tents for students to use. Please bring them when you have a chance to Ms Leigh. You can pick them up on Friday after school at 1:00pm.


We are in need of food donations. Please sign up on the trackitforward by selecting one of the links.


Breakfast and Lunch


If you have any questions please contact Ms. Leigh

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Intersession Information for March 11-15

Our next MMA Jr. High intersession is coming up next week! March 11-15th. Normally the students would sign up with a certain advisor teacher and do their activities for the week. This intersession is different where the whole Jr. High will be doing almost all the activities together. Here is how the week will go and don’t forget to sign up on the track it forwards. There are 90 Jr. High students so we are going to need A LOT of help from the parents to make this week a success!
Monday March 11th– The Jr. High will be doing their GALA art at MMA. Other activities for the day TBA??
Tuesday March 12th 1/2 the Jr. High will be going snow shoeing up at North Fork for 1/2 the day. The other 1/2 will be learning about CPR and Health for 1/2 the day. The students then will switch places 1/2 way through the school day.  DRIVERS NEEDED.
*Track it forward coming soon??
Wednesday March 13th– The Jr. High students will be taking public transportation busses to the main library in Ogden. *PLEASE SEND YOUR STUDENT WITH A LIBRARY CARD AND A SACK LUNCH (OR MONEY FOR THE CAFE) THIS DAY! With the city busses we would like a couple more chaperones other then teachers please. Here is the track it forward for the chaperones :
Thursday March 14th Day–   The Jr. High Students will be taking public transportation busses to Ogden City to do a scavenger hunt. *PLEASE SEND YOUR STUDENTS WITH A SACK LUNCH. We will need a few more chaperones for this field experience. Please sign up on this track it forward to help chaperone this day.
Thursday March 14th Night–  The Jr. High students  will be having an overnighter in the MMA Jr. High Gym. We want this to feel like we are camping outside, so we will need tents donated and outdoor decorations donated. Also with the overnighter we will be in need of A LOT of food, 100 + mouths to feed:) If you could either send with your student your donations this day at drop off or bring them to the school at 3pm that would be great. *PLEASE LABEL ALL YOUR TENTS AND DECORATION DONATIONS.  Here are the three track it forwards for Thursday night:
Friday March 15th–   The Jr. High will be having Breakfast and cleaning up from the overnighter and packing up. Then they will have Lunch and school is out at 1pm that day. *PLEASE EITHER SEND YOUR FOOD WITH YOUR STUDENT THURSDAY OR HAVE TO THE SCHOOL BY 8AM ON FRIDAY.Here is the sign up for food this day:
Thanks for all your help in advance! Please contact Heidi Bradley or 801-791-2264 if you have any questions.
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Friday March 8th Last Day to Turn in Work

Friday March 8th is the last day to turn in work and reassess for all Jr High Classes. There will not be any exceptions to this date for any of your classes.


Check CANVAS and Talk to Your Teachers to find out what your current assessments are and if you are missing work or exams.


There are 5 working school days to accomplish all of the work and reassessments you need to do. Use your Planner to help you prioritize, plan your homework and schedule your daily activities around the many things you may need to accomplish.


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Order Your Yearbook!

Maria Montessori Academy 2018-2019 yearbooks are now available for purchase. The effort of your fellow classmates went into this year’s yearbook. Their blood, sweat, tears, and last bit of energy has been put into creating your 2018- 2019 yearbook and they would very much appreciate your support. $20.00 by Friday March 1st after that $25.00 by Friday March 29th. Foil name imprinting on the cover of the yearbook is an extra $3. The foil printing is very interesting and is an attention grabber. All of this will be available to purchase at with the code: 13283719

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