Advisory Kick-Off and Family Luncheon

Hi Parents and Students!

This week began with our advisory kick-off field experience to Willard Bay. Students were put into small groups and they were to make boats out of cardboard, duct tape, and plastic.

The final event was to have been a boat race, however due to high winds and rough water, we could not put the boats in the water. We did have a race, but on the sand. We gave the students an opportunity to make adjustments to their vessels to be pushed on the sand. The winners of the Junior High Mascot was House Llorona (Mr. Richard’s Advisory).

On Thursday, we had our 1st Annual Family Luncheon where we opened our doors to families to have lunch and observe classes. All the students met in the commons for lunch, and many of you parents stopped by to visit. It was wonderful to meet all of you. Our Board Chair also stopped in to participate in this luncheon.

This week saw full days of classes. Students were engaged in DIBELS testing on Thursday afternoon and also received their planners. We, as a junior high team, will be showing students how to use their planners during advisory this next week. Students are also receiving new assignments, so check in with them to see what is happening in all of their classes.

Lastly, please review with your child our dress code. Below is the Dos and Don’ts.


Thank you for all of your support and for choosing MMA!


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