National Geographic Science Fair Screening

Thank you Ms. Michelle for applying to National Geographic for the honor of holding a national screening of the documentary Science Fair about the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair! Very few schools were selected nationally. Ms. Michelle and National Geographic decided to dedicate the screening to Troy and Molly.


Monday December 10th MMA Jr High and 6th grade students held the screening! What an amazing film and inspiration for our students to participate in science fair and innovations in science.



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Hoodies Are Against the Dress Code

Students have been wearing hoodies to school and testing the boundaries with them. Hoodies are against the dress code. When teachers talk to students about being out of dress code they claim they do not have any other jackets or warm clothes to wear to school. We ask that you help us with this endeavor by not sending your students to school wearing a hoodie. If they wear a hoodie they will receive a dress code violation and parents will have to pick up the hoodie from the office after school. If your student truly does not own any other piece of warm clothing, please let their Advisor know how they can help support you in obtaining a warm piece of clothing that is within the dress code.


Pop Culture T-shirts and T-shirts are also against the dress code. Students should wear a Collared Shirt to be in dress code. If students do not wear a Collared Shirt they will receive a dress code violation and will have to call home for a change of clothes. Some students are wearing Pop Culture T-shirts under a collared jacket; this is against dress code. They may wear a T-shirt under a collard shirt as long as it is buttoned up all day.

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December 21, Last Day to Turn in Work

Friday December 21st is the last day of school before Winter Break. It is also the last day to turn in work and reassess for all Jr High Classes. There will not be any exceptions to this date for any of your classes.


Check CANVAS and Talk to Your Teachers to find out what your current assessments are and if you are missing work or exams.


There are 10 working school days to accomplish all of the work and reassessments you need to do. Use your Planner to help you prioritize, plan your homework and schedule your daily activities around the many things you may need to accomplish.


If you do not have a Planner (or can not find your Planner) you will need to purchase one from the office or purchase one from a store. All students are required to have and use a Planner; you are graded in Advisory for using your Planner. Using a Planner is a life skill that will help you organize the many responsibilities in your life now and in the future. Please ask your Advisor for advice on how to best utilize your Planner. You should not only be writing when assignments and projects are due, you should be using it to plan when you will do the actual work for the assignment and project.


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Stakeholder Survey

Please take a few moments to complete this anonymous Stakeholder Survey before it closes on December 14th. We need your feedback as change only comes when we know where we can improve.

The survey link is

If you would like to be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift card, please take a screenshot of the last page of the completed survey and send it to

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Dinner Theatre Volunteer Needed

The junior high is putting on a madrigal dinner theatre and is looking for parents to help with cooking and donating ingredients for the play. This can be documented for volunteer hours in Track it Forward.
The play is on the 12th and 13th of December (tickets can be purchased at the office). Doors open at 5:00pm, and the dinner starts at 5:30. In this play the audience members have a three course dinner with the King and Queen and join them for a play and music.
The food includes: wassail; salad, potato ham chowder, brownies and ice cream. We will also have chicken nuggets, fries, and veggies for kids who prefer this. Here is the link to the chowder recipe –
Please contact Ms. Sarah if you can help with food
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Original Works

Original Works keepsakes will be delivered to your children on Friday, November 30th. If you would like to help sort, please let Rachael Bush know (! We’re going to be opening boxes and checking order forms in the conference room right after drop off Friday morning!




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Snowball Dance

The Student Council is hosting a winter Snowball Dance!

Friday, December 14th, 4:00pm – 6:30pm

Please wear best dress.

We are looking for yummy food donations and decorations – click the trackitforward link to sign up!



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Cultural Festival November 16th

Students will be conducting research and presenting about a person, event, or invention within a decade in the history of the United States. Students will conduct most of the work at home and allotted some time in Advisory. They will present on Friday November 16th. They will be assessed for this project in their Advisory class.

Each student received this information outline to assist them in this process Cultural Festival Report


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Twice a year the regular curriculum pauses for Intersession. This is a one-week period that provides our students an opportunity to try new interests and learn new skills. We travel near and far exploring and developing passions; we may stay in our school, the mountains, or our local community. Our students welcome an interlude from daily academics and look forward to Intersession because it gives them a chance to discover interests they didn’t know they had and interact with one another and their community in new and different ways. During our travels students have a hands-on opportunity to engage in place-based education. They are able to expand their interests and studies in experiential education, problem-solving skills, and community service. Some Intersession classes are offered year after year while others are newly designed to meet student’s interests.


Intersession October 22nd – 26th 2018


Explore Change with Cooking

Coach Swain & Ms Andrea

Cooking Fieldtrip Cover Letter

Cooking Fieldtrip Permission Form


Prehistoric & Current Changes

Mr Adrian, Ms Michelle & Mr Richard

Leonardo Fieldtrip Cover Letter

Leonardo Fieldtrip Permission Form

Thanksgiving Point Cover Letter

Thanksgiving Point Permission Form


Endangered Species

Ms Kat & Ms Lisa

Hogle Zoo Loveland Fieldtrip Cover Letter

Hogle Zoo Loveland Fieldtrip Permission Form


Camp Oakley

Ms Leigh & Ms Amanda

Camp Oakley Fieldtrip Cover Letter

Camp Oakley Fieldtrip Permission Form

Camp Oakley Overnight Trip Packing List


Camp Oakley Directions Map

Sign Up for a Ride Here

Food Donations

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Parent Teacher Conferences

October 15th, 16th, and 17th are Parent Teacher Conferences. Parent of Junior High students will need to sign up for their student’s Advisor and Teachers individually. To sign up for conferences you will go to trackitforward

and look for the teacher’s name and an available time to sign up.


9th Grade students and parents are encouraged to make an appointment with Ms Andrea, the school counselor, during PTC to discuss High School Plans and Credit.


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