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Hello and welcome back!

I hope everyone was able to spend some time together and get some rest.  I know it was hard for me to get up at that alarm this morning.

Google Classrooms/Packets

As per the email that was sent out before break, we are going to continue with our instruction on Google Classrooms moving forward.  If you have not yet gotten onto that, this is a great time to.  All the log in information is on the post two below this.  Of course, all assignments are available in hard copy in the packets just like last time.  Your packet will go for two weeks, and then you will need to hand that in and get the next one. Please hand in all packets from the last two weeks as well.  Ms. Sarah and I would like to be able to check that work.

We will also be continuing with IXL and Utah compose, so double check that you can get into that.  Prodigy is another great tool to keep your child practicing math at this time.

Please note: If you tried to get into the school to get that last week and were unable to because the school was closed for cleaning, the school is open again as of today for you to pick up and drop off packets.  Thank you for your understanding.

Google Hangouts

This weeks big change is the addition of Google Hangouts into our daily routine!  Starting tomorrow, and continuing daily at 9 AM, we are going to have a community meeting so we can all see one another and catch up.  It will be run as a normal morning circle and should last no longer than 30 minutes.  An email will be going to your student’s mmalions account with an invitation.  I also will link in all of the information on how to connect to that as well as a document discussing grace and courtesy regarding those hangouts at the bottom of this post.  Those documents will also be emailed to you and posted in the documents tab of the blog.

You can access Hangouts via computer, phone, or tablet so there are lots of options to join us!

Which brings me to my next announcement,

Cultural Projects Due

Before COVID-19 hit Utah, your student was assigned a take home project.  That project came due today! (4/6)  Because we are not together for your child to present that project, I am going to ask that it is presented digitally in order to fulfill the oral presentation aspect of the assignment.  There are a couple options for this.

  1. During the Google Hangouts session.  Students will have the opportunity during our morning community meeting, just like they would have in class.
  2. A video recording of your child presenting their project sent to me through email.

We will discuss both options during our first community meeting tomorrow morning, so start thinking about which option is best for you and your family.

We are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

How to for Ms Laura’s Hangouts

Ways for your child to sign in to Google Hangouts

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