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Greetings!  I can not believe it is May already!  We are embarking on our last two week cycle, and it looks a little different than it has before.

Imaginary Island Project

We are starting a 2 week long Imaginary Island project.  This will take the place of all daily lessons (students will need to use math, language, social studies, biology, etc. in order to complete the project).  Every other day, a new lesson will be posted to the classroom.  These lessons have suggested due dates that are 2 days after each new lesson to help keep you on track.  All islands will come due at the end of this two week cycle.

If you are fully online, you will see a new lesson come live every OTHER day (Monday the 4th, Wednesday the 6th, Friday the 8th, Monday the 11th, and Wednesday the 13th, with the entire project due Friday the 15th.)  If you have requested a packet, you have been provided with the entire project.

There will be some supplemental things (like the digital Montessori material for the island) provided only online, and I apologize for the inconvenience of that. PLEASE get in contact with any questions! You can sign up for a one-on-one meeting with myself and Ms. Sarah here: https://www.trackitforward.com/site/389525/events


As I begin the end of year shut down of our classroom (sad, I know!!) I will be coming up with a plan to get you your portfolio for parent teacher conferences.  Please stay tuned for that!

Which brings me to my next announcement…

Parent Teacher Conferences

These will take place the 19th, 20th, and 21st.  There are a variety of times available throughout the day to honor everyone’s different schedules.  If I still didn’t hit on a time you are available, please let me know and we can work something out.  A Zoom meeting invitation will be going out to the parent email I have on file the day before your conference is scheduled.   This is to avoid conference invitations being lost in the inbox.  More information will come on that as we get closer to conferences.  Signups are available below:



That’s all I have for now! As always, stay safe!

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