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Week of 10/7


The end of the quarter is upon us.  Some quick announcements and calendar reminders

  • From the Feasts and Festivals Committee (a student led committee that is in charge of planning all feasts and festivals):

Hello fellow humans,

We would like to invite you to our Halloween Party on the 1st of November from 10-12 in the small Gym.  There will be a feast and activities.  We would like some donations (found on the Track it Forward, click here) of food and decorations.  We hope you can make it!

  • Please remember that the 4th grade field trip is Tuesday, October 14.  If you are willing to drive a carpool or are looking for a ride for your student, please shoot me an email!
  • There is no school Thursday or Friday of next week due to fall break.

Thank you! Any questions, feel free to email me.


calendar update

The fourth grade field trip just got approval to visit the dinosaur park on Tuesday, October 15.  4th grade parents were just emailed more information, so please check your email for that.  If you would like to plan a carpool, please contact my room parent Christine at garcialcsw@icloud.com!

Reminder: intent forms and the $50 deposit for the 6th grade Redwoods field trip are due TOMORROW (October 1).

A big thank you to Christine for stepping up to be our room parent! We appreciate you!!!

This Friday, 4 October, is our Harvest Festival!  4-7 right here at the school!  Unlimited ride wristbands are $8 – there will be rides, games and yummy food for the whole family to enjoy!

I know I promised a year-at-a-glance to be coming home soon and am working hard to get this to you!  A quick update, there have been some significant schedule changes and shifts when it comes to upper elementary field trips and experiences.  Until that all gets settled and I get the final schedule from the team, I don’t want to create a hard copy calendar.  I am hoping I will get final word on that by Tuesday and be able to get those to you.  Until then, the blog is the best place to get up to date info about what is on the horizon.

This weeks reminder: Growing bodies and minds need lots of sleep and good food to keep going! With a month of candy ahead of us, please remember that candy and gum are not allowed at school.  If your child craves a sweet treat at the end of their lunch, fruit and yogurt are great choices!

Looking for a way to help your child and support what is going on in the classroom?  This month we are working on math fluency.  Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts are great places to start.

These two sites have great ideas for games that build math fluency.  Check them out:



October month at a glance:

10/4- Fall Festival from 4-7

10/16 – End of First Quarter

10/17 & 18 – NO SCHOOL (fall break)

10/23 through 10/30 – Red Ribbon Week

10/24 – Box Top store

10/25 – Halloween class party  (Creative organization and hosting done by your very own kids for our classroom community and their families! Block out this day on your calendar and stay tuned for more details!)

10/31 – Halloween (please no costumes at school that day)


September 16-20

Hello again!

We are still looking for a room parent.  Please shoot me an email if you or someone you know (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.) are willing to help our class out!

Speaking of volunteering, this was in the MMM, but I want to reiterate it here.  ANY volunteers for our class (driving a field trip, helping with class parties, room parent, etc.) need to have background checks.  I am sorry for the late notice, but there is an opportunity to have your fingerprinting done tomorrow at MMA.  I will leave the copied information from the MMM below.  It is HUGELY important that this gets done, because if we don’t have volunteers with fingerprinting and background checks done then we have no one to help us get to field trips, etc.  If you even think there might be a slight possibility that you will drive/chaperone a field trip PLEASE get your fingerprinting done!

volunteer background checks

“Any adult in the building for an hour or more that could possibly be alone with a child needs to have a background check in our system. All official field trip chaperones responsible for supervising children other than their own also need a background check. This is to keep all of our children safe. You do not need a background check for school events such as parent-teacher conferences, concerts, or festivals that happen outside of school hours.There will be someone at MMA to conduct background checks this week on September 17th at 5pm – before the MAPA begins at 6pm. Volunteers will need to make 2 payments at this time – $37 to MMA for processing and $25 to Academica West for doing the live scan. Cash, check, and charge are all accepted.

If you are unavailable on the 17th, you can also visit other locations to complete your background check and fingerprinting process. Check out the paper below to see alternate locations. If you complete your background check outside of MMA, you will need to return the last page of the paper below to MMA as we are required to keep this on file. You will also need to bring the $37 processing fee to MMA as soon as you can. Presenting this paper when getting background checks outside of MMA is very important to make your results show up in the Rapback system and accessible by MMA.

We realize that it can be tough for some of our families to pay for background checks and we don’t want this to be a barrier to volunteering inside school. Please know that once you’re in this new system (Rapback), you will not have to pay or do this again. If you want to know if they’re already in the system or not, please email Ms. Lana.”

Upcoming dates and deadlines:

17 – quilt square DUE

21 – international day of peace

23 – normalization ends

27 – early release (professional development)


As always, any questions, comments, concerns email me at lhughes@mariamontessoriacademy.org

I apologize that I did not update the blog last week.

Some quick updates before the weekend.

Student’s first take home project should have come home on Tuesday.  They are to decorate the provided  8.5×8.5 square of cardstock with things that relate to them.  There are four points possible on this assignment.  To get all four points, the square must be a “beautiful” work (in other words, it shows that the student has given it a lot of thought and has spent time completing the square), it must have at least 5 things that represent the child’s interests (pictures cut out of magazines, printed off the internet, or drawn), and a self portrait (either a photograph or a drawing) incorporated. The point of this activity is for the students to have an opportunity to share about themselves and their interests and when all squares are turned in, we will join them together to create a classroom “quilt” which will hang on our wall throughout the year.  This is due 9/16, but students can bring in their squares before the deadline if they complete it quickly.

6th grade parents please be aware that the first Redwoods meeting of the year is on September 12 from 5:30-6:30.  This will be an opportunity to ask any initial questions you might have and to get information about pricing, etc.  Students are encouraged to attend with their parents.

I am nearly done with planning field trips and take home projects and I hope to have a packet of information to send home with students regarding all of this within the next couple of weeks.  Thank you for your patience as I pull it all together for you.

We are still DESPERATELY in need of a room parent. If you or someone you know of (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.) is able to take that on for our classroom, I would appreciate it.  You would mainly be in charge of helping organize rides for field trips, though you also will be a point of contact for my students as they arrange class feasts, etc.

As always, any questions or concerns, please reach out to me at lhughes@mariamontessoriacademy.org  Please keep in mind that this blog is linked to an email address that does not regularly get checked so if you reply to this blog post I will not see it.  The email above is the best to reach me at.

We had a great first week of full days here in class! Thank you to all who were able to make it to the luncheon, I know it was extremely short notice.

Next week, we have no events other than continuing to settle in during our six weeks of Normalization.

I am still searching for a room parent (or grandparent or aunt or uncle…).  Having a room parent is EXTREMELY important as they help us organize all sorts of things from rides for field trips to class events.  This year, the room parent will be working closely with some of our student committees to help them organize events they have planned.  If you are interested or know of someone who might be, please have them e-mail me at lhughes@mariamontessoriacademy.org.

Please remember to sign up for a few weeks to bring in snack if you haven’t already.  A snack in the middle of the morning helps us be more productive and successful during the entire day and they are HUGELY appreciated by both myself and the students (an apple a day keeps the hangry away I think is how the saying goes…) Please follow this link to sign up for snack: https://www.trackitforward.com/site/389525/events You will find my link stuck to the top of the page.  It will ask you to sign up for track it forward if you are new to the school this year, but it is important that you do so as this is where all sign ups will be found.

Thank you for all your help and support!  We cannot have a successful classroom without you! If you have any questions or concerns please remember to email me at lhughes@mariamontessoriacademy.org as replying to the blog sends an email to an address that does not get checked.  Thank you!

Luncheon Thursday

Family lucheon

Please check out the flier above for information about the luncheon Thursday afternoon.  I hope to see you all there!

We did it! We made it through our first week.

Things are going smoothly and students seem to be settling in easily.  We look forward to seeing what a week of full days looks and feels like to us as a community.

Next week we will continue settling in, and students will begin a true work cycle.  We started learning how planning and journaling will work this year: time stamped notebooks that go step by step through the student’s activities.  Those will be an integral part of this years learning, and I am excited to learn if a new way of recording the days activities will bring a deeper level of self regulation to the classroom.

Please volunteer to bring in a week of snack!  Your donations of food are HUGELY appreciated as it keeps the rumbling tummies to a minimum and helps keep the “hanger” away.  You can find our sign ups here: https://www.trackitforward.com/site/389525/event/462490  Look at the top of the page, there is a stuck link that says “Laura’s snack sign ups” from there, you can see all of the weeks in the year at a glance as well as notes as to which are short weeks due to holidays, etc.  Snacks are such an important part of our learning environment.  Thank you in advance for helping us out.

Welcome Back!

School is almost upon us! I hope you are as excited as we are to see your smiling faces again!  Some quick announcements, updates, and back to school items to get us started.

First, please welcome Ms. Sarah into our class!  Ms. Sarah will be our assistant this year, and I’m excited for everyone to get the chance to meet her.  Her bio is in the page above if you want to get to know her before the first day of school.

Next, Please remember that we have back to school night THIS Friday from 3 to 6. This is a great opportunity to come in and check out our new space (we are now in room 21) and drop off school supplies before the first day of school.  Ms. Sarah will not be able to attend this, but I will make sure parents have a chance to come in and get to know us both.

Snack sign ups can be found here: https://www.trackitforward.com/site/389525/events  Please sign up for a couple different slots.  Your food donations make a huge difference in the days my students have and they are extremely appreciated by all.  Please take the time to help us make this happen.

Our next two months at a glance:

August 12: first day of school!

August 12-16: Early release days, students will go home at 1 PM

September 1: No School (Labor Day)

September 2: Redwoods meeting for sixth graders from 12-12:30 (students only)

September 12: Redwoods meeting for sixth graders AND THEIR PARENTS 5:30-6:30 pm

September 23: Normalization period ends

September 27: Early Release (professional development)

That’s all of my announcements for the moment! Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday and again on Monday!  If you have any questions or concerns please email me at lhughes@mariamontessoriacademy.org and make sure you have subscribed to this blog by using the button in the right panel.  Thank you!


Classroom and student supply lists are up!

Go to the top of the page, click on “supply lists” and scroll down to find links to the PDF of the list and some Amazon shopping lists for your convenience!

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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