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Monthly Archive for August, 2018

Weekend Work

Hello all! Some students went home today with a sticky note filled with works that were not completed during the week.  I have asked that all works be completed over the weekend and brought back first thing on Tuesday morning (there is no school Monday due to Labor Day). The class and I had a […]

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Hello! Sorry this is going out a little later than I would like. A quick peek at the week ahead: Today we had our first Great Lesson – The Story of the Universe.  We read the story of the Big Bang as told by Neil D’Grasse Tyson, watched some videos about space, and then explored […]

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Its a New Year After All!

Welcome back! It was amazing to see everyone’s smiling faces in this classroom yesterday, I am so excited to have everyone back and to hear the stories of adventure. We are jumping right back in and starting setting up some habits that will carry us through the year.  Most notably the planners.  Every day, your […]

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