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Greetings all!  Pretty calm week this week, but check below for any announcements.  I also received a HUGE amount of new ideas and resources, so check the distance learning resources tab for all kinds of new and exciting ideas!

New Office Hours

The office will no longer be staffed on Fridays, so the hours have changed.  You are now able to access the building: Monday thru Thursday, 9 AM-11 AM and 3 PM-5 PM.

By Popular Demand

Students have expressed to me in the morning meeting that they would like a schedule to sign up for one-on-one meetings with Ms. Sarah and I.  These will occur in 30 minute slots, are completely optional, and are available for whatever you need them for:

  • Need help on an assignment?
  • Want to chat about chocolate chip cookies?
  • Want to show off the new song you learned on guitar?
  • Have a story to tell?
  • Built a totally awesome house on Minecraft that you want to show off?
  • Parents: need an adult to talk to?

We’ve got slots and time for you!

Like I say, this is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL.  Ms. Sarah and I just want to be there for you.  This is not intended to be “one more thing,” We just genuinely miss everyone and enjoy the time we get to spend with you!  If you are interested, the sign up sheets can be found on Track it Forward: https://www.trackitforward.com/site/389525/events



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