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Dear Parents-

It is hard to believe we are at the end of the school year for 2019-2020. We are so grateful to have such wonderful students and parents. We have been especially grateful for all of your support during Distant Learning as we all know this was very much not anticipated!
Moving forward as this year comes to an end, we are busy planning for the following school year of 2020-2021 and are trying to be proactive as possible. Please take a few minutes to take this SCHOOL WIDE DISTANT LEARNING SURVEY- so we can use your feedback with Professional Development planning in two weeks. Your voice and your opinion is so valuable to our community and our growth as a school. Please take the survey by next Friday, May 22 by 4:00. Again we will be using this information to help us be more prepared if we do continue Soft Closure another time.
We still do not have a status on when yearbooks will be delivered. COVID-19 put a bump in distribution. If your child ordered a year book, you will receive an email from your lead teacher in regards to how and when they will be distributed. We do apologize.
Class lists for the school year of 2020-2021 will be communicated by the end of July.
Thank you everyone!

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