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This week!

I apologize for not updating last week, time absolutely escaped me: I blinked and it was Friday.

This week: It is our last week before Thanksgiving break!

Tuesday: Take home projects are due.  Please have students bring in their tri-fold boards.  They will be presenting these projects to the school and parents on during the Cultural Festival on FRIDAY from 1-3 PM.  Please come support the school and your child.

Friday, we will also be participating in a book feast with our Mentor class, please have your child bring in a favorite book (or three) that they will want to read during this hour long read-a-thon.

Next week, the entire week is off for Thanksgiving break.

Coming back in after Thanksgiving:

Tuesday the 27th we have our Astrocamp field trip: stay tuned for more info on that.

As always, questions, comments, concerns, shoot me an email.

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