January Home Project

We have made some small changes to the project expectation which will be due Friday, January 18th.  The changes are as follows:

Level 1: Will research and present on a scientist

Level 2: Will do a project using the scientific method

Level 3: Will present on either simple machines or forces of motion

I will include the original write up below.  Your child’s project will be set up in the hallway for a day for it to be seen school wide during STEM week starting January 22nd. They will also present their project to their classmates.

Please note, they will likely not be ready to explore their ideas until the foundation lessons have been presented.  I would suggest opening the conversations once we enter the month of December.

Structure November 26th-January 11th

Stem Fair January 14th

The theme STRUCTURE is what your child will be studying during our third thematic unit.  To relate the theme STRUCTURE to our STEM Festival the week of January 14th, STRUCTURE can mean certain processes scientists use or explore such as the scientific method, the physical structure of matter or the structure of the universe, the structure of the classification of living things and so much more. There’s a lot to explore!

For the STEM Fair home project, we will ask that your child create a science presentation based on Utah state science standards they’ve been studying in class.  We want to treat our STEM Fair not as a general “Science Fair,” but rather a celebration of science.

A science celebration presentation is not limited to just a tri-board.  Listed below are ideas your child can choose from (but are not limited to) for the STEM Fair.

Some ideas include, but are not limited to:

  • Poster or tri-fold board
  • Brochure
  • Hands-on experiment with write-up
  • Experiment demonstration by student (must be able to show over and over)
  • Create a board game
  • Video (Example: Make their own Bill Nye)
  • Performance or skit
  • Diorama
  • Create a book
  • Create a lesson or work

Below is a list of state standards that your student should be familiar with by the second half of the year when we hold our STEM fair:

1st grade- Scientific Method on Earth/Space sciences, Life sciences, or Force and Motion

2nd grade- Scientific Method on Earth/Space sciences, Life sciences, or Force and Motion

3rd grade- Sun, Earth, Moon relationship, Living and Non-living within an Environment, Forces and Motion, Gravity, Heat and Light

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