3rd Grade Bridging Ceremony

On Tuesday, May 22nd the 3rd graders will be bridging to upper elementary. Please join us in celebrating their hard work these last 3 years in lower elementary. I’m so proud of their progress and leadership they have shown.

This will be located in the gym and will start at 10:30am. After the ceremony they will be eating lunch in our classroom and not the upper el. classroom. If you would prefer to take your child home after the ceremony, you are welcome to, since it is a half day.

Field Trip Tomorrow

It is occupation day and your child is welcome to dress up in what they want to be when they grow up. If it happens to be an outfit that will hinder them from walking comfortably to the field trip, please have your child bring a change of clothes that is in dress code.

Your child can bring a backpack with a snack and a water bottle. I advise to have your child wear or bring sunscreen and wear good walking shoes. They can bring a hat and/or sunglasses if it does not impede your child’s visibility. We will be crossing a busy intersection and I want your child safe.

We will leave the school at 9am and return to the school by 10:30am. Please have your child to school on time so we can prepare them for a buddy system and go over the rules to stay safe.

Thank you!

End-of-the-Year Parent Teacher Conference 2018


I hope you are all having a fabulous day! Parent Teacher Conference has arrived in a blink of an eye. Below you can click on the day that will work for you to meet and talk about your child’s progress. Choose a day then, you can find a time that will work for you.

Tuesday, May 22nd 

Wednesday, May 23rd

Thursday, May 24th

Thank you for all the teacher appreciation gifts. We feel so loved!

Teacher Appreciation Week

Dear Parents,

I have had many students ask me questions to help for this week. I never emailed your information to my room mother. Sorry!

My favorite color is blue, but I love all colors. Ms. Sara’s is teal and silver.

We both love tea, coffee, or any drink is great. But, don’t feel obligated to bring anything.

We could always use makers, colored pencils, yarn, or any random art supplies.

Thank you for all you do! We love your munchkins!

Ms. Holly & Ms. Sara

MAPA Information

Did you know?

Did you know that donating items counts towards your hours? Have you ever donated a book from the book fair? Or provided items to your child’s classroom for snack or a class party?

That all goes toward your hours. You count the time it took to drive to and from the school and the time it took for you to make or buy the item!

Also anything donated for the Gala, gratitude feast, teacher appreciation dinners or the fall festival.
So please go to your track it forward account and log in your hours!

Handwriting Parent Workshop

Helping Your Child with Handwriting Skills Parent Workshop

You are invited to attend a free handwriting training provided by our occupational therapist. This training will provide ways to improve your child’s handwriting skills this summer. Join us on May 10th in the MMA Library from 4:30 until 6:30pm.

Choir Concert

Maria Montessori Academy Choir Concert

When: April 20th
Where: Weber High School Auditorium

Lower Elementary
Arrive NO LATER THAN 5:30 PM
Concert Begins 6:00 PM

Upper Elementary
Arrive NO LATER THAN 6:30 PM
Concert Begins 7:00 PM

Concert Attire:
Students, please wear black bottoms (pants, or skirts covering the knee), a solid color
top with no logos or designs, and black shoes and socks.
• Two parent volunteers per classroom are needed to help organize students
backstage before the concert
• Two parent volunteers are needed to play piano for the concert. Please contact

Clarissa Lunt clunt@mariamontessoriacademy.org if you are interested