Field Trip Tomorrow

Don’t forget Friday, October 11, is our field trip to Clark Planetarium. Please make sure your child is at the train station on Wall Avenue in Ogden at 8:10 a.m. I will be there at 8:00 a.m. and the train leaves around 8:30 a.m. We will take the frontrunner and enjoy a day at the planetarium of exploring the exhibits, watching an IMAX movie, and seeing a presentation on the planets at the science around the sphere. We will leave the planetarium around 1 p.m. and take the frontrunner home. The train will arrive back in Ogden at 2:24 p.m. Please make sure your child is picked up at the station on Wall Ave at that time.


October 9, 2019

Dear Chaperones,

Thank you so much for offering to chaperone our upcoming field trip to Clark Planetarium. We will be taking Frontrunner to and from the planetarium. In order to ensure a safe and fun trip for everyone, we wanted to provide you with some guidelines.

For the safety of our students, please guarantee that the students you have been asked to chaperone are always with you and that you can always see them. Even if students are with a buddy, please do not allow them to go somewhere on their own. If students need to use the restroom, please escort them and wait outside the bathroom or stall if appropriate.
On the train, please sit near the students you are responsible for and if possible, please sit next to or across from them. During the short walk from the train station to the planetarium, please keep the students you have been asked to chaperone with you.
On the field trip, we are all representing our school. If students are misbehaving or acting in a way that is not acceptable at the place visiting, please kindly redirect them. Do not allow students to run up and down the aisles of the train or to wander around. They should be sitting with their pockets on the seat, feet off the seats.
We will not be the only people on the train. If needed please remind students to leave others’ things alone and talk with a quiet, school appropriate voice.
We will also be eating our lunches in the theater while watching the IMAX movie. When the movie is over, please ensure that students restore their environment to the best of their ability. As you all know, at our school we want students to respect and take care of their environments. We need to leave the theater better than when we got there.

Again, we want to thank you for your willingness to help make our field trip a success. Without you, we would not be able to attend as many field trips as we have. As a chaperone, students are expected to treat you with respect and grace and courtesy. Please help by respectfully redirecting them as needed. You are a vital part of our MMA community and we appreciate all you do.

Sincerely Yours

MMA Lower Elementary Team

Please donate your time tomorrow at our booth!!

Wonderful parents and guardians,
The Fall Festival is tomorrow! My kiddos are really looking forward to all the fun activities, I’m sure yours are as well.
We are still in need of volunteers for our booth tomorrow, specifically between 5-6. Spraying hair dye is super easy, and the kiddos really loved it last year. Please donate your time tomorrow!
Thank you,
Sarah Heilig


Fall Festival

Dear Fellow Parents and Guardians,

Happy Tuesday everyone! My name is Sarah Heilig, I am the room parent for Ms. Holly’s class.

The MMA 2019 Fall Festival is approaching so quickly: this Friday, October 4, 4-7pm, at MMA.

As we were the most popular booth of the 2018 Fall Festival, our booth this year will again be temporary hair color spray.

Volunteers will help the child choose a color, collect the ticket(s), apply a towel or draped around the child, spray the child’s hair and remove said drape.

Please get in touch with MAPA directly to schedule your thirty-minute time slot so our class’s booth can stay open.

Right now the following times are open:  two spots 5:00-5:30, two spots 5:30-6:00, two spots 6:00-6:30, two spots 6:30-7:00. I will be there for booth set up and to run the booth for the first hour.

We are also looking for more donations of temporary SPRAY hair color cans. These are available at Walmart, Target, Amazon and most pharmacies. Blue was the most requested color last year. Donations can be dropped off at the front office or sent with your children through Friday.

Volunteering to dye hair and donating hair dye both count toward our 40 hours of recommended volunteering. This much-anticipated event cannot happen without our help.

Questions? Call or text me at (801)458-8730.

Please contact Taylor with MAPA and let her know how you will help with before Thursday at

Thank you!

Sarah Heilig

Cover Letter for the Planetarium Field Trip

Maria Montessori Academy
Field Experience on October 11, 2019
at Discovery Gateway Clark Planetarium
110 400 W. Salt Lake City

The lead instructors are all lower elementary teachers.
We will participate in interactive displays and a workshop on planets. We will also attend
a movie at the IMAX theater about the life of lemurs.

What you will do and what you will learn:
● Discover, explore, and create with interactive, hands-on exhibits
● Science and space through interactive displays
● Workshop on planets
● Attend and IMAX movie on the life of lemurs

What you will need to wear or bring:
● School uniform
● Sack lunch and water bottle with easy to carry the backpack
● Money for gift shop if desired

Our Schedule:
● 8:10 am – Meet at UTA train station on Wall Ave (2350 Wall Ave) and board
Frontrunner. Train leaves at 8:37 am.
● Arrive at Clark Planetarium by 9:45 am. Explore the planetarium and its
interactive exhibits.
● 10:15 am – Holly, Karen, Leslee, and Mikaela’s classes will participate in Science
Around the Sphere.
● 11:00 am – All classes will attend a movie at the IMAX Theater on the life of
lemurs. Lunch will be eaten during the IMAX movie. Students and chaperones
will be allowed to eat a sack lunch while in the theater. They must clean up after
themselves and restore their environment before leaving the theater.
● 12:15 pm – Jalee, Shauna, Pat, and Krista’s classes will participate in Science
Around the Sphere.
● 1:00 pm – Meet at the front of Planetarium and leave Clark Planetarium by 1:10
to board frontrunner for the ride home. Will arrive back at the station on Wall Ave in
Ogden at 2:24 pm. Parents will need to pick children up there

Home Projects

Hello Parents/Guardians,

We have 5 home projects for this school year. Each grade level will have a different project. Below is the explanation for the home project due in the month of October. I will send home a paper explaining all of the home projects for the school year with your child today. You can also access this information on the top of this page under the tab titled home projects.

First graders will create a timeline of their life in book form. They will need a page for each year of their life and will label each page with that particular year. On each page, they will need to attach a photo that was taken during that year. Under each photo, they will need to write a sentence or more about that year in their life. They will need to design a cover for their book.

Second graders will be doing a project on fundamental human needs.  They may research those needs in one of two ways. The first is to research a certain need (communication, transportation, etc) and learn how mankind has met this need through time. For example, if a student is researching transportation, they can report on the advancement from walking to riding animals to creating machines like cars, trains, and planes. The other method of research is to pick a civilization and time period, for example, Ancient Egypt. The student would then research how this group of
people met four of the fundamental human needs.

Third graders will choose a dinosaur or other prehistoric animal to research and present. They need to explain what time period the animal lived, where on the Earth it lived, what it ate, and other interesting facts. They may present this as creatively as they wish.


Clark Planetarium Field Trip

Our first field trip of the year will be Friday, October 11. We will be taking the Frontrunner to the Planetarium. We would love all parents who can to attend to please join us. We have the opportunity to see an IMAX movie and attend a Science Around the Sphere presentation. If you are joining us and would like to see the movie and presentation, you will need to let me know by October 1st. We need to let the Planetarium know how many adults are joining us for the movie. It will cost $6. The school will be covering the cost of the students. Anyone who does not let me know by this date will not be allowed to see the movie and presentation with us. I will be sending out a permission slip for this at a later date when we get a headcount for how many parents would like to join us as well as see the movie.

Thank you!!

Please let me know by email at