Home Projects

Dear Parents,

Montessori education is unique in many ways, one being that we do not have traditional homework. Home projects are assigned each month, in place of traditional homework. Each month we will have a different theme that aligns with our studies this year. Home projects are intended to be a jumping off point for students to explore questions, find answers, and share information with their peers.

These projects should be completed by your student, however, please assist your student with finding the information they need. Information can be find in library books, the internet, experts in the field of study, family members, etc. Provide your student with as many resources as possible.

Students will need to provide a final written report, provide a visual aid (poster, mini-book, shadow box, mobile, clay, power-point, etc.), and present this to the class.  Please assist your student with paraphrasing the information they find. For those who are still strengthening their reading, you may have them dictate the information they have retained while you write it for them. Then, your student can copy the words or type them up.

Since students will be presenting their projects to the class, I highly encourage you practice with your student. This helps their confidence while presenting. A well-practiced presentation is a much more engaging presentation.

Presentation weeks are subject to change. Please check back on the blog as the presentations get closer, to see when your student presents.


September : Brown Bag

As a way to introduce each other to the class, we would like your student to bring in three items that best express who they are, in a brown paper bag. For example, family pictures, sports equipment, favorite items such as hobbies, or activities. There are two requirements: please make sure all of the items can fit in the bag and that there are no electronics.


October: Creative Writing

Students will be asked to write a poem, play, short story, song, or any other style of creative writing.


November: Family Tree and Biography

A family tree with or without pictures that goes back to their great grandparents. Students will pick a family member, dead or alive, and present a small biography on them.


December: International Festival

Students will pick a country to present on related to our continent of study (Europe). They are welcome to bring in a traditional dish to share with the class or dress in traditional clothing, etc.


January: Personal Interest

Students can chose to present on dinosaurs, famous person, historical event, planets, science, etc.


February: U.S. Presidents

Students will pick a president to present on.


March: Book Report

Each student will present a favorite book they have read. If they are not yet reading fluently they may choose a book someone has read to them.  They will need to tell about the main characters, a brief summary of the book, and share why they liked it.  As with all home projects, they will need a visual aid to accompany their report.  If possible I would like them to bring the book as well.


April: Continent Study

Students will choose from a variety of topics regarding the continent of study (Asia), such as a specific country, historical or geographical landmark, indigenous peoples, cultural aspects, animals, etc.