Home Projects

I have updated the tab at the top of the blog for Home Projects for your reference. I also sent home a hard copy with your child today. It is the yellow packet titled Home Projects.

We are late getting all the home projects finalized, so, we are behind on dates for the first home project. The theme for this project is change. We have talked about many different timelines in class: timeline of life, birth of the universe, Maria Montessori’s timeline of life, and other timelines, like how things have changed over time, example: animal life cycle, plant life cycle, how phones of have changed of over time, and computers, clothing, cars, etc.. Your child can choose how they would like to show change/timeline for their home project to present to the class. They will need to have a visual aid: poster board, clay modeling, mobile, power point, diorama, etc.. They will need a written part to be able to report to the class. 3rd graders are encouraged to start typing their reports.

Let me know if you have questions or concerns.

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