3rd Grade Science Project Topics

Simple Machine: We discussed mass and how the 6 simple machines help us do work and how it makes it easier.


3 States of Matter: Solids, Liquids, and Gases.  We discussed all 3 and how the atoms work in each state.  We discussed how everything has matter and that there are other classes, but focused on the main 3.  I went over how the properties can change depending on what it is (water for example)


Light/ Sun and Heat: This unit was on the Sun and how it provides us with light and heat.  We did an experiment with temperature in different environments based on how the Sun warmed them (outside on the playground in the sun vs outside in the shade)


Heat- How heat is from the Sun review and then focused on friction and how heat is created from different materials based on how quickly they are rubbed and then how much heat is generated and then lost based on different kinds of materials.


Sound- We went over the parts of the ear and how the ear works with receiving vibrations and how that travels to the brain.  We discussed how if people with hearing lose or the lose of the cochlea can make people not be able to hear or disrupt the traveling for sound vibrations.


Electricity and Static Electricity- How electricity needs a closed circuit to work and when it isn’t all connected it loses its ability to complete the circuit.  We discussed electrons and their role in a circuit.  This was then related to how static electricity works with the accumulation and transferring of electrons to get a “spark”


Sun, Earth, and the Moon’s relationship- We went over how the Earth and moon orbits.  The discussion of how night and day and seasons happen was also related in this unit.


Living and Non-Living things in an environment- We pretended to be in a Honey I Shrunk the Kids! kind of situation. We went over living and non and what are characteristics to make them so.  We then went over how most of our living population come from insects and their perceptions are drastic from ours; that our nonliving things interaction are going to be different from their interaction with nonliving things around them and how they use them.


Forces- Who was Sir Isaac Newton was discussed.  The intro to all 3 laws of motion was described.


Momentum- How momentum works into the 3 laws of motion.  A Bill Nye was presented to give them ideas on how movement works within different situations.  Acceleration, inertia, gravity, friction, and mass again were discussed and reviewed.


Mable Marble laws of motion/momentum mini project- This is where we are right now.  March 3rd and March 10th are the classes 3rd graders are exploring the laws of motion with momentum by building a course to guide one marble to “kiss” the other marble without moving it.  Students are continuing their courses or for those who succeeded in the first class, a redesign.


Home Projects for March & April

Dear Parents,

The March home project is on Europe. Your child may choose anything in relation to Europe. This could be a country, animals, architecture, people, food, etc. They will present and will need a visual aide and written work.

For April, the students will be commemorating Earth Day. This is a great opportunity for students to do home projects in relation to our Earth. Some ideas could be: ways to conserve water, endangered species, recycling, botany, how to compost, etc. However, the 3rd graders are expected to do a science project this month for studio class, so, they can choose to focus on the science project instead of the Our Earth project.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Field Trip to the Ogden Nature Center

Hello Parents,

I sent home field trip permission slips with your child today. Please sign and return them before March 1st. The fee for the Ogden Nature Center is $3. If you are able to donate the money for our field trip you can use the link below or send it in an envelope with the permission slip. We will be transported by bus.

The children will be outdoors part of the time. Make sure they dress appropriately for the weather and wear comfortable shoes/boots for walking. We will be back in time to eat lunch at the school.


Have a wonderful day!

Ms. Holly

Gala Classroom Basket

Ms. Holly’s class is in charge of a spa basket for the upcoming Gala. If you want to donate an item to put in our spa basket, or money so we can get stuff to put in the basket, you can let Ms. Holly know, drop it off at the school or send the items to school with your child labeled what it is for. The Gala is our school’s biggest fundraising event and is lots of fun! Save the date for March 25th and join us for a nice Timbermine dinner, great entertainment, and an exciting auction!

Ogden Nature Center Field Trip

Hello Parents/ Guardians,

We are excited to announce our next field trip is to the Ogden Nature Center. We will be going Thursday, March 9th from 9-11:30 AM. Because parents in our class have donated every field trip, we were able to rent a school bus. The cost for the Ogden Nature Center is $3. We will be asking for a donation of $3 for our field trip, but the school bus is covered by the school. We will be learning about trees, scavenger hunt on snowshoes, and make paper from tree pulp. I will notify you in the next couple weeks when I send out permission slips.

Thank you,

Ms. Holly

3rd Grade Typing Homework

Hello 3rd Grade Parents,

Please keep a look out for an email (technology@hwtears.com). This will allow your child to work on typing and get them prepared for end-of-year testing. They will have weekly assignments. They can work on their typing until they are able to catch up. When they see “stop,” this will notify them they are caught up.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Ms. Holly