Dear Parents,

The end of the year is almost here! Many things happening for all of us and there is not much time to rest.

Please remember to take time with your children and breath! play a little game, unwind at the end of the day and feel the magic of the season and if possible go to bed early.

We are having a Holiday Party!! We just planned it with the class and we would like to all of you to come and be part of it!

Party Day is Tuesday December 17th from 11:30 am -1:00 pm.

The Party will be here in the classroom and we will have some surprises from some of the children and staff. We would also ask if any one of you would like to participate in the program that you can reach out to me and let me know. We are looking for someone that play an instrument or know magic tricks , singing etc.

The idea is to have hot cocoa with marshmallows , making individual gram crackers gingerbread houses to take home, a music and talent show and a game.

We will need some donations for the gingerbread houses and the hot cocoa. I will create an event in Track it Forward and you can go to sign up!

Since there is just a few more days for school just a friendly reminder that school will be out next week on the 20th and that they will be going home early (1:00 pm) on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for Parent / Teacher Conferences.

I hope that you all can come and share with the class some ” holiday cheer” and continue on at home this holiday season.

I as the teacher and Mr Zoelan, we appreciate you and we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Ms. Pat and Mr Zoelan.



Hello Dear Parents,

I hope that you had  fantastic Thanksgiving in the company of family and friends! I hope you were able to enjoy great food, rest and fun!

Now that we are coming back to our normal routine I wanted to touch base with you and give you a few reminders:

The cold has arrive and so is the snow. Please send your children dressed accordingly. The weather has to be below 20 degrees for them NOT to go outside. Other than that, they need to have the time to refresh for a long six hours in school.  Also please remember to  to send your children’s ” inside shoes” that helps to keep the classroom clean as we do a lot of work on the floor.

We are working more and also we are in the process of testing before the end of the term. Please have a normal routine for going to bed with your children. School age children needs a least 9-11 hrs of sleep per day. They also need a prep time of one hour before they go to bed off of any distractions like TV, Tablet, Computers , Video Games, Phones etc.  that can actually not allow them to have a more restful sleep. Please plan accordingly.

Also snacks are going to be low as we start the new week. I you would like to donate , please send me a message. Most of the perishable items were gone by the end of last week as we needed it to clean up the fridge. I will create a Track it Forward sheet for parents to sign up in the future.

Elementary Winter Concert in planned for Monday, the 9th at 5:30. The children have been practicing for it, they will be very happy for you to come and support them.

Please remember to sign up for Parent- Teacher Conference, they time will go fast!

We are hoping to have a Holiday Party before the end of the next break. I am thinking for December 19th from 11 am – 1:00 pm. I will have another sign up sheet with Track it Forward  for everyone to been able to participate. If you have any ideas of what to do please send me a note. I will love to see what are your ideas!

Again , thank you for your constant support to our classroom!







Dear Parents,

As the time approaches and we have a few things to do with the class and the school, I wanted to tell you that I have decided to cancel our Gratitude Feast for this Friday. I appreciate you very much and I know that you have been very generous donating your time, money and effort to our school lately. If you think it is alright, we could have a Gratitude Feast in December before we go in the end of the year break. Please come back to me with your ideas and opinion.

Our class will participate in the International Festival this Friday and would be great to see you coming to support your children. The schedule for the groups are : 1:15-1:30 pm Level 1s  –   1:30-1:45 pm Level 2s    –  1:45-2:00 pm level 3s

I also wanted to remind you that all the Home projects are due by Friday this week to been able to participate at the International Festival.

The office has asked us to tell you that you need to create an account as a parent with ASPIRE. All new and returning students next year registration will be done through this website. We appreciate you understanding.

Parent and Teacher conference sign up is coming tomorrow for you to sign up . You will need to go to Track It Forward and look for Ms.Pat P/T Conferences.  Parent / Teacher conferences will be in December 17th -19th.

And just a friendly reminder that next week the 25th-26th is Teacher Compensation Day and there is NOT school as well the 27th-29th for Thanksgiving Break.

Returning on December 2nd, you may want to look forward to December 9th Elementary Concert and School wide Art Show at 5:30 pm . and December 10th Box Top Store from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm.

Thank you again for everything you do , as always you rock!!





Fun Run is coming tomorrow !! the children are very excited for this activity.

Please send your children with athletic outfits, sneakers, etc . The fun run will be outside in the field. Parents are welcome to come and cheer up your children !

Remember tonight is the last day to make pledges! We are very grateful for the all the parents that so generously have make pledges and support our MMA!  Because of your pledges the class has earned a few perks like Hoodie Day, Crazy Hair Day, Any color or design shirt . I will let you know when those are next week.

Our classroom is having a Gratitude Fest. The event will be next Friday November 22. You can now sign up to volunteer for food , set up and clean up etc.  on Track it Forward. You can go to and look for  events Ms. Pat Gratitude Fest .

Also, just for your information this Friday I will be off from work for a personal business. Your children will be going to other teachers class for the day.

This is the assignment :  Lyla K, Zach and Rylan will go to Ms Leslee.

Zyan, Ali and Avery will go to Ms Karen

Sayge, Daniel and Kaido will go to Ms Krista

Mary, David and Brynlee will go to Ms Shauna

Adrien, Skye , Lyla D and Addison will go to Ms. Jalee

Layla, Adalyn and Bruce will go to Ms. Mikaela.

I appreciate your understanding and your support.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Ms Pat.



November News

Dear Parents,

I love November ! it is the month when I was born of course! 😉 but not only that , it is the month were we count our blessings… Soon we will be celebrating Thanksgiving with our families…

Just wanted to remind you that we are full of activities at our MMA.

The first would be that this Wednesday we will have our Fun Run at 9:15 for LE at the big gym. Parents are welcome! it will be fun , the children are very excited for this years participation. We would love to see you there! We are grateful for your pledges and your support to our Academy!! But if you forgot to donate, you can still do it at and look for our school.

Or you can support our school by going on Mondays to Pizza Pie Cafe and mention MMA! it is a great way to give having fun with your family!

Next Parents Educational Night is this Thursday  evening and again you are all welcome to participate. The Evening of learning will start at 5:30 – 7:30 pm.

Please mark your calendars!! We would like to have our Gratitude Feast on Thursday November 21st of this month. We are looking to create an account with Track It Forward and as soon as we have all the information we will let you know so you can sign up to help and or donate for this activity.

Also, school wide Cultural/ International Festival is on Friday November 22nd. By then all our children should have worked on the Home Cultural Projects that were assigned a few weeks ago.

Countries of Europe(North Side)/ Africa(South Side) Each student will research and explore a country from the continent their class has been studying this semester. They will need to find a creative way to share what they have learned with the whole school. This project will need to include the country’s flag, a land form in the country, and how fundamental human needs are met there (such as transportation, food, housing, etc. ). Students may include any other interesting facts about their particular country. They will need to have a display of their country. This can include pictures, artifacts, clothing, music, and food. Students will present their projects individually in their own class in addition to presenting to the entire school during the cultural festival. During the festival students will have the opportunity to visit each classroom and experience all of the continents and countries throughout the world as they view the presentations prepared by their schoolmates. Each student is expected to participate in the festival.

For this project I will send this Monday an assigned country with your child to work at home. So please wait to receive your assigned country to start the project unless you already did it.

I wanted again to extend my gratitude for your support to have our little Fall Fest. Everything was great and your children had a great time!

FYI we are OK with snacks for a couple of more weeks. Our classroom appreciate your generosity and your willingness to help!

With appreciation,





Fall Party

Dear Parents,

Here is the link for the Fall Party. Please take a look and sign up!


Ms. Pat’s Fall Party – Sheet1

If you have any issues please let me know!

Thank you!



Welcome Fall

Hello Dear Parents,

Fall break is over , we go back to normal activities , leaves are falling, days are shorter and we can see the weather changing to cool days.

Now that we are back into normal routines and the Fall activities start coming, “Trunk or Treating”, ‘Fall Festivals” “Costume Contests” etc. and the weather getting colder please be sure your children are dress up weather appropriate. We still have lots of things to learn at school and we would like to have your children healthy to participate and enjoy learning!  The same with the candy that they will get, if you are a fan of Halloween and its activities. Please have the kiddos eat just enough candy to enjoy it but not to get sick 🙂

We are also continue with the Red Ribbon and Spirit Week. If you have not yet reading about it please do so in the Nuts and Bolts and follow the guidelines. Tomorrow Tuesday is Mismatch or Crazy Socks.

We are planning a Halloween Party for our class this Thursday. If you are a room parent and would like to participate please contact me ASAP to have something really fun for the children to enjoy and remember!

Again , Thank you for all you do for our classroom and for your children . You are the best!



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