Hello Dear Parents,

Another month is gone and one more is coming! I love March because we can see that spring is almost here! As a class we can go to play in more warmer days and sometime even have lunch outside too!

March is coming with more activities and more fun… We have incorporated cooking as part of our weekly activities . It will go on every Friday. last Friday was our first cooking and we had pancakes for snack. This week we will have French Toast.

We also are having our music and movement activities were we are learning about some music from other countries and using rhythm sticks, maracas and now we would love to have some drums. For that if you have any of those ice cream tubs empty , please send them with your child, will be a great addition to our music box.

We are grateful for all of you that donated for the children’s snacks. We are ok for this week with snacks. The only thing would be a bottle of ranch for the children to have the carrots . If someone can donate one would be greatly appreciated. Also if someone can donate some eggs for Friday snack would be most appreciated.

Taking about donations, this is the week were MAPA would like to see all the donations for the GALA event. As today I have only two parents that have sign up to donate something for the classroom basket. Please take a look at the event donation that is in Track it Forward and see what you can kindly donate. The gifts should be in by Thursday this week.  Thank you!

The Gala Event will be this month on March 21st at 6:30 pm at The Timbermine. They said they have great food there!

As I said in the last blog message, this month also we have the Home Projects. I will be given the assignments as follow:

First Grade : Zoology Vertebrates

Ali : Seal      Mary : Eagle      Adrian : Dog      Bruce : Elephant      Layla: Horse

Second Grade : Zoology Invertebrates 

Lyla : arthropod      Rylan : mollusk      Avery: echinoderms

For Third Grade , please remember the country that you were assigned in the last project and work on a BIOME on the same country. If you have more questions please let me know.

Thank you again for all you do and your support for our classroom, you are great.


Ms Pat and Mr Zoelan.





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