Hello Dear Parents,

another week is gone and we are into the last week of February.

Some fun and activities are coming this week with the start up of our Literacy Week. We hope that you are getting informed about all what is happening and if possible to participate! The Theme for this week is Reading Helps You Reach for the Stars”.

The first thing that you need to know is that tomorrow Monday we will start the Book swap week. That means that if you have any books at home that you would like to share with the school please send it with your child tomorrow and then your child will be able to exchange them for others.

Spelling Bee is going to be in the big gym on Tuesday at 9:30 am. If your child is participating in the spelling bee you are welcome to attend with your family.

Literacy Night is this Thursday from 5:30-7:00 pm and we encourage all parents to attend. It will be a great event to participate!

Something else to prepare ahead is next home projects are due the week of March 16th. These are based around zoology. 

This is for First Grade Students will be assigned a specific category of vertebrate animal (fish, amphibian, reptile, bird, or mammal). The following are things they will be expected to cover in their presentation:

Provide an example of a specific animal in the category they have been assigned (e.g. salmon, seagull, frog, llama, etc.) Provide interesting facts about their specific animal. Describe the general characteristics of the type of animal (e.g. Feathers, warm blooded, lays eggs, etc.).
Describe the habitat it lives in. (e.g. water, land, both, etc.)

This is for Second Grade Students will need to research the category of invertebrate animal that they have been assigned. The following are things they will be expected to cover in their presentation:

How it looks– its physical characteristics
Where it lives
How it moves
How and what it eats
Other interesting facts

This is for Third Grade Students will research a biome that is located on the continent their class is studying for the second semester. They will need to include information about the climate(weather, temperature, etc.), natural resources, people, plants, and animals. They should also have a picture of a map that shows where this biome is located. Biome of Europe(South side)/ Africa(North Side).

As today , Sunday we have only one parent signing up for snacks for the class. (Thank you Amanda Keener !)

Your children are expecting to have some kind of snack during the morning especially on Tuesdays when they have lunch at 12:30 due to specials.  We will have to ask parents to send an individual snack with your child this week if no more parents sign up.

There is a sheet created on Track it Forward for you to see and sign for your convenience. I will let you know by Tuesday if that is the case. I appreciate your understanding.

I also created a sign up sheet for the GALA event for you to see and sign up. Please take a look at it . Thank you!

Thank you again for your support !!

Parents in Room 5 are awesome!

Ms Pat and Mr Zoelan.





February More News

Dear Parents,

We had a great week last week ending with our Friendship Party ! We were so happy to see familiar faces and so many parents to come to celebrate with us. We thank you for the parents that kindly help us with donations to the party, the children were happy enjoying the treats and they had a great time! Thank you also to the parents that kindly share the love with us as teachers to.

We are almost to the end of our snacks . I will create a Track it Forward sheet for you to look and sign up. Thank you.

Starting this week we have a few new activities in our school that we wanted you to be aware.

This week is the International Kindness Week. We will be reviewing some kindness activities with the class and we will be doing them to spread some more love between each other and in the school. Please remind your children about this. We will also have some lessons on Forgiveness to increase friendship .

And talking about Friendship , please remember our annual Classic Skating Spirit Night This Friday at at Classic Fun Center in Layton. (5:00pm-9:00pm)

LITERACY Week- February 24-28:

The school spelling bee will be on Tuesday, February 25, at 9:30 a.m. in the big gym.  Parents of your child participating are welcome to attend. Our Spelling Bee winners in or classroom are Addison Kaminski and Adalyn Bailey. Whoo Hooo! Lets hope for a great performance.

Thursday the 27th *Take a book walk with your class to see all of the book covers,*Literacy Night 5:30-7:00 pm.

A big shout out to Krystal and Alec Day for their contribution to our GALA basket. We really appreciate it! MAPA is making this fun by giving some gifts to every student that brings a donation! So please continue to help. All items need to be to the school by Thursday, March 5th, so baskets can be assembled. Thank you!

Parents please, please, check Track it Forward for opportunities to help with after school activities.  We need your help to make this happen! 

Thank you again for all that you do for our classroom and for our school. You are amazing!

With our gratitude,

Ms Pat. and Mr Zoelan.


Hello Dear Parents,

We are in our second week of  February and close to another long weekend. Some of you know that last week our STEM Fair was canceled due to some of our teachers been sick . So we all agree that this week we will have it on tomorrow Monday. Just to clarify information the Fair is only for our students in the Lower Elementary classes. We appreciate all of your tremendous effort to make this projects happened for your children , but at this time we want to have our students only to present and to get to see the other students projects.

We also would like to remind you about our coming Friendship Party on Thursday . Please take a look at the Track it Forward page and sign up with your donation. Your children are going to be happy to share sometime with you.

We are also in need of some snacks for this week. I will creating another snack sign up to see if you could help with the snack for a day or two since we are having our party that day everything changes.

A friendly reminder about our proximate Gala Event. MAPA is putting together baskets with donations for the silent auction. Our classroom theme is Barbecue items. Anything barbecue will be great if you wish to donate . You can bring it to our classroom or contact MAPA and bring it directly to them. The school will appreciate it!

Talking about donations does anyone have a loose spoon to donate to our classroom? Please bring it! the children keep asking for them, we only have one .

We are going to be busy this week with Presidents Day activities, Multiplication for Third Level, two digit addition an subtraction for First level and Rounding for Second Level. We introduce music and movement to our daily routine and has been great for those days of indoor recess as well to learn some math. We also introduced Cursive for second and third level and Creative Writing .

Thank you again for all that you do! We appreciate you!  Room Five Parents rock!!

Ms. Pat and Mr Zoelan.


Welcome February!

Dear Parents,

Can you believe it? We are already in February! I always think that when February begins March is just around the corner as this month always goes by so very fast….

Thank you to all of the parents that supported us this past Thursday with the Chili Cook of. It was great!

We start a new month and we continue with the new lessons and activities . We are getting into coin equivalences- pennies, nickels, and dimes to $1), Money Word Problems, estimation of lengths(in, ft, cm, m) to say a few of the new lessons.

We are also in our STEM Week and we are anticipating all of the wonderful projects that you have work so hard with your children. Please remember to send the projects starting this Monday February 3d to the school.

We notice that the classroom doesn’t have some utensils for the children to use for lunch , so if you have some spoons and forks that you would like to donate to the classroom we will appreciate it.

Snacks are fine for this week ,thank you to a parent that donated apples and oranges this past week . For now we will consume what we have and I will let you know when we will need more.

Some reminders to look forward for you are:

  • No school Monday the 17th,
  • Classic Skate Night Friday the 21st,
  • School wide Spelling Bee Tuesday the 25th,
  • Literacy Night Thursday the 27th

I will be working with the class for the Spelling Bee. Please remember to practice at home with your children. Two students from our class will be selected to participate on the contest on February 25th.

Thank you again for all that you do! We appreciate you!

Ms Pat and  Mr Zoelan.