Spelling Lists 5/13-5/17

*Some parents reached out to say they hadn’t gotten my blog posts this week, so here they are again!

This is our very last week of spelling!

Pink Group (beginning sound only): cat, hand, chair, cake, heart, chop, coat, hat, chin

Red Group (beginning blend only): crab, cloud, frog, flag, crib, clip, frame, fly

Orange Group: lab, bad, job, red, cob, crab, bed, sad, had

Yellow Group: desk, six, skip, leg, lock, truck, brush, clock, ship, sled

Dark Green Group: froze, coal, show, stock, coach, lose, long, oat, row, blow, close, globe, close, loaf, mow

Green Group: boy, point, soil, joy, toy, choice, enjoy, coin, decoy, hoist, ploy, spoil, oil, joint

Blue Group: screech, torch, couch, beach, branch, sketch, match, munch, crunch, which, coach, witch, bench, porch, reach, catch

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