Spelling Lists 12/10-12/14

Red Group – peg, net, leg, jet, ten, beg, wet, men

Orange Group (beginning sound only) – cheese, sheep, ham, shave, hat, shoe, chain, chop, house

Yellow Group (beginning sound only) – slide, block, plus, sled, blade, plum, sleep, blanket, plate, plug

Green Group – less, feet, mean, web, keep, heat, next, teeth, peach, been, sleep, speak

Blue Group – form, shore, board, word, four, world, floor, more, worm, horse, storm, corn, poor, oar, work, roar

Fifteenth Week Recap and Tidbits

Tidbits–there is so much coming up!

1 – Next Monday, December 17th is the school-wide Winter Concert at 6:30 PM. Students are asked to wear dark bottoms and a solid-color shirt. They have been practicing hard and it should be a fun night!

2 – The Feast of Ages Play will be held this Wednesday and Thursday evening at 5:30 PM. Tickets are still available!

3 – We have updated information for our next home project, which is due Friday, Janaury 18th. The students will be presenting school-wide after STEM week starting January 21st. Following is the updated information: 1st grade will research and present on any scientist of their choosing, 2nd grade will do a project using the scientific method and 3rd grade will present on either simple machines or forces of motion. The theme STRUCTURE is what your child will be studying during our third thematic unit, which can mean certain processes scientists use or explore such as the scientific method, the physical structure of matter or the structure of the universe, the structure of the classification of living things and so much more. There’s a lot to explore! We want to treat our STEM Fair as a celebration of science, so your student is not limited to just a tri-board.  Listed below are ideas your child can choose from (but are not limited to) for the STEM Fair. Some ideas include, but are not limited to:

  • Poster or tri-fold board
  • Brochure
  • Hands-on experiment with write-up
  • Experiment demonstration by student (must be able to show over and over)
  • Create a board game
  • Create a simple machine
  • Video (Example: Make their own Bill Nye)
  • Performance or skit
  • Diorama
  • Create a book
  • Create a lesson or work


We are getting farther into our curriculum areas and the children are loving what they are learning! Many of you have asked what you can do to help your child, and as always, reading is the most important! Ideally, reading with your child next to you while you trace you finger under the words and they read along at the same time is best, but any reading is helpful. For some of our more advanced readers that don’t need support in that area, we are also working on math fluency facts. Each member of our class in working to memorize addition facts by families (such as adding 1s, adding 2s, adding 3s, etc.) and practicing these at home will help them to do learn them more quickly and thoroughly.

As we get closer to the holidays, I am noticing that the added excitement is making it difficult for many members of our class to focus and follow classroom expectations. We are reviewing daily as a class what our behaviors should be, but reinforcement of practicing kindness, politeness, patience, etc. at home would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again for all you do!

Spelling Lists 12/3-12/7

Red Group – pot, dog, hot, hop, log, top, jog, mop

Orange Group (beginning sound only) – cat, hand, chair, cake, heart, chop, coat, hat, chin

Yellow Group (beginning sound only) – pig, lamp, plus, pot, log, plant, pin, leaf, plug, lock

Green Group – cube, food, fruit, crust, build, dude, spoon, juice, skunk, tooth, suit, trust

Blue Group – bird, fire, drier, first, tire, crier, fur, chirp, wire, pliers, girl, birth, shirt, stir, hire, thirst

Original Works

All original works have now gone home. If you have not seen/received your order yet, please ask your student about it and if they say they did not receive it, please let me know and I will be in touch with Ms. Rachel. For those of you who ordered quilt squares as part of our classroom project, I decided it would be easier for me to remove the quilt squares before sending the order home rather than asking you to return them, so I have them at home already. If I presumed wrong and you did NOT want me to take the quilt square, please let me know and I will send them back to you ASAP.

Thank you so much for all your support! The kids LOVED getting their orders on Friday and it was fun to see all the different things they got.

Spelling Lists 11/26-11/30

Red Group – nap, wag, cap, rag, map, bag, tag, lap

Orange Group (beginning sound only) – horse, shark, sock, ham, seal, shed, house, ship, soap

Yellow Group (beginning sound only) – scarf, snap, swim, scale, snow, swing, scooter, snail, switch, snake

Green Group – lost, drove, road, love, soft, slope, cross, soap, none, toad, stone, chose

Blue Group – her, deer, ear, earth, germ, steer, dear, spear, herd, cheer, fern, heard, clear, beard, near, learn

Thirteenth Week Recap and Tidbits

First, my apologies for getting this out so long after the fact. Many of you know that I was sick a few days before the break began and unfortunately I stayed sick until just a few days ago, which means I’m behind on things like blogging!


1 – This Thursday the 29th is our field trip to Hill Aerospace Museum. We are still in need of more drivers and chaperones! Please email myself or our room mom if you are able to contribute to this event for our class.

2 – As we go into the holiday season, please keep in mind that the children will likely be experiencing heightened emotions from all the excitement. One way to help them to fully enjoy the season is to keep their home routine consistent. From the food they eat to the time they go to sleep, anything we can do to keep things running smoothly will help them to not be overwhelmed by all the fun, extra things around them.


By far the biggest highlight of our week before break was the Cultural Festival. Thank you SO MUCH to all of you parents who helped support your child with his or her project and who came to visit the festival. The children were so excited to share what they had researched and to see all the projects around the school. I was amazed by how much they learned and all the facts they were able to share. Most of all, I loved how they found new areas of interest–one of the major goals of Montessori education is to create a passion for learning and I think our festival did exactly that!

We also had another botany with Ms. Rachel, which is always a treat. She brings such enthusiasm and knowledge to our botany sessions that we all look forward to them.

Ogden Electric Lights Parade

November 24th is the annual Ogden Electric Lights Parade. Our school will be represented and the marketing committee has come up with a float that will represent MMA.

We are looking for students from MMA who would like to be part of our parade! The meeting place will be in front of the Ogden Temple. The parade starts promptly at 5:30pm. The floats will be lined up at 5pm.

Students 12 years and younger must ride in the trailer or truck. If you are over the age of 12, then you may walk next to the float. Students who ride or walk will be carrying white peace signs or holding tea lights.

If your child would like to be a part of the parade then we will have waivers to sign in front of the temple.

The parade starts on 22nd and Washington and then ends at 27th. My advice would be for our MMA parents whose child(ren) are in the parade park towards the end of the parade so when we are done you can find your child.

We have some, but if your child would like to wear glow necklaces and bracelets during the parade we highly suggest the more the better! (It is a light parade!) the glow wear is also our symbol to honor Troy and Molly Cox.

If you have any questions you can ask Autumn in the office or Ms. Kaley. They will do their best to answer anything they know.

Hill Aerospace Museum Field Trip Information

Dear parents,

In an effort to reduce paper usage, I am copying our information sheet about our upcoming field trip to Hill Aerospace Musem here so that you can refer to it as needed. If for some reason you need a paper copy, please let me know and I will send one home with your student. Our amazing room mom, Natalie, will be reaching out soon to coordinate carpooling if she hasn’t already!

Maria Montessori Academy Field Experience on November 29, 2018 at Hill Aerospace Museum

7961 Wardleigh Road, Hill AFB, UT 84056

The lead instructor is Christina Miller; cmiller@mariamontessoriacademy.org.

We will be going to Hill Aerospace Museum to learn about simple machines, electricity, astronomy, flight, magnetism, and see life size models of aircraft.

What you will do and what you will learn
  • Attend a workshop on simple machines
  • Tour the museum
  • Go on a scavenger hunt of the displays
What you will need to wear or bring
  • School uniform, good shoes for walking in.
  • Coat for outside exploration (last year it was COLD)
Our Schedule
  • 11:30 am – Leave for the museum (parents will transport)
  • 11:50ish – Arrive at museum and check in
  • 12:00-2:10 – Attend workshop on simple machines: 12:00, 12:45 or 1:30.
  • 12:00-2:15 – Explore the inside and outside of the museum when not attending workshop.
  • Parents will pick up children and transport them back to the school at 2:15 pm.