School Supply Lists 2019-2020

Happy summer break to you all!

I have completed our school supply lists for next year. There are two options: a traditional list of supplies to take to the store or an online list at Amazon so that you don’t have to go to the store. I broke them down by grade level and also listed “extra” supplies below that would be incredibly helpful for our classroom. I have also updated the link at the top of the main blog page.


Notice: The items on this list will be used during the regular school day. They may be brought from home on a voluntary basis, otherwise, they will be furnished by the school.

I know that the quantities for these supplies might seem strange, but I needed to do it this way in order to make this list and my Amazon lists consistent. Please do not put your child’s name on the materials listed below as they will be used throughout the classroom. Also, if you go to Amazon Smile and pick Maria Montessori Academy as your charity, all your purchases will also support our school! Thank you, and let me know if you have any questions! 

1st Grade –

1 pair of scissors

1 container hand sanitizer

1 pack of sponges

1 bottle of dish soap

1 package wide-tip dry erase markers

1 package 24 pencils

1 package Scotch tape refills

4 1.5” white binders

1 pair of wired headphones

2 packages Primary-lined paper


2nd Grade –

1 ream copy paper

1 package Clorox or Lysol wipes

1 package Magic erasers

1 package gallon Ziploc bags

1 package quart Ziploc bags

1 package sandwich Ziplog bags

1 package erasers

1 pair of wired headphones

1 package Primary-lined or wide-ruled paper

1 geometric compass


3rd Grade –

2 sets of watercolors

2 packages fine-tip dry erase markers

2 bottles Elmer’s glue

2 packages colored pencils (with pink, please!)

3 plastic folders with brads

1 large package of construction paper

1 pair of wired headphones

1 package wide-ruled paper

1 geometric compass


Extra Supplies (not required, but helpful for our classroom) –

Laminating pouches

Popsicle sticks

30 Glue sticks



Pom poms

Fishing line

1” brads


Other break choice activities–puzzles, games, etc.

Scrapbooking paper


PLEASE BRING LABELED WITH CHILD’S NAME: Water bottle, placemat, inside shoes (labeled with your child’s name)

Thank You for a Wonderful Year!

My last blog post of the year is here! First, I want to say thank you. Thank you to all of you who supported our classroom this year. You all donated snack, wrote us thoughtful notes, brought in supplies, supported your student’s home projects, taught me the ropes at MMA, chaperoned and drove to and from field trips, gave me and our classroom wonderful gifts and were simply wonderful human beings. I so enjoyed my first year at our school and I’m thrilled to be returning next year with so many of your children.

The last few weeks of school were packed! We had field day and yearbook signings and also learned some amazing things about pollinators, animals native to China, US States and capitals and more. I’m already excited about the things we’ll learn next year, too. Which brings me to the meat of this post. Many of you asked at Parent/Teacher Conferences what you should work on over the summer. My basic answer to everyone was to read (PLEASE have your student read out loud either with you or to you for 15-20 minutes per day… break it up into more than one short session per day if needed) and to practice math facts. I wanted to share some free or inexpensive (and worth it) resources to help support this.

Utah Summer Reading Program (free for you, motivates kids to read and there are even prizes!)

Weber County Summer Reading Program (free again, with activities throughout the summer at the library)

ReadWorks Summer Reading Program ($16 for the whole family for the summer, material specific to each grade level so you know it’s the right difficulty for your child PLUS if you have more than one child you can adjust the difficulty for them individually, fun activities to go with the reading passages–this is a resource I use in the classroom and it is very well done)

As for math, I mentioned the wrap-ups for learning addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. I’m linking here to the whole set, but you can search for these individually as well:

There are also a wide range of flash cards available or worksheets or workbooks you can get from many places.

Over the summer I will be posting our school supply list for next year, but I likely won’t get to that until sometime in June. In the meantime, please reach out to me with any questions you might have! Again, thanks to you all for everything!!


Weekly Recap and Tidbits

This post will mostly serve as info for the coming weeks, but first a brief recap of last week! We finished all our reading assessments last week, our 3rd graders (mostly) completed their RISE testing and officially in end-of-school mode. We capped off all our grammar lessons this year by writing a story together as a group and symbolizing the words. The children loved it so much we might do another one this week. And speaking of this week, here is some of our upcoming schedule for the rest of the year:


Monday- Students show their best Grace and Courtesy towards teachers and staff on this day. Giving your teachers a hug.

Tuesday- Flower Day.  Bring flowers or make a flower for both your teachers.

Wednesday- Make a picture, write a nice note, poem etc. for each of your teachers.

Thursday- Drink day!  Bring a drink for your teacher on this day.

Friday- Field Day and spirit day/donate a supply day.  Students may dress down for field day and can wear their teacher’s favorite colors. *Please watch the weather!  The kids are going to be outside and if it is rainy, windy, or chilly then they need to be dressed in layers to be comfortable.  I’m hoping the rain will hold off on Friday, but please prepare them!  Sunscreen is also advised.  Water bottles are needed.

This Friday, May 17th is also the 9th grade graduation at 5:30 p.m.

May 20th at 10:30am will be the kindergarten bridging ceremony in the junior high gym. If you have a kindergartner and would like their sibling from our class to attend, please come to our classroom to pick them up and take them to the gym. May 20th is our last full day of school and then the rest of the week will be early outs.

May 21st will be 3rd Graders Bridging Ceremony at 10:30am in the junior high gym. Early out at 1 pm and beginning of Parent/Teacher Conferences.

May 22nd will be upper elementary’s bridging ceremony at 10:30am in the junior high gym. If you want your child to see their 6th grader at their ceremony, please come by our classroom and escort them with you to the gym. Early out at 1pm. PTC begin at 1:30pm.

May 23rd is crazy hair/hat/sock day.  We will also clean out lockers on this day, so please send backpacks to carry items home. Early out at 1pm. Last day of PTC.

May 24th is the last day of school.  It will be sports/tie dye day.  Students may wear their favorite sports team apparel and or tie dye. Yearbooks will be distributed and the kids will get to go around and sign each others yearbooks, I will provide paper for those students who did not purchase a yearbook.  We will be outside part of this day watching the annual kickball game. Please dress for the weather.  Early out at 1pm.

Spelling Lists 5/13-5/17

*Some parents reached out to say they hadn’t gotten my blog posts this week, so here they are again!

This is our very last week of spelling!

Pink Group (beginning sound only): cat, hand, chair, cake, heart, chop, coat, hat, chin

Red Group (beginning blend only): crab, cloud, frog, flag, crib, clip, frame, fly

Orange Group: lab, bad, job, red, cob, crab, bed, sad, had

Yellow Group: desk, six, skip, leg, lock, truck, brush, clock, ship, sled

Dark Green Group: froze, coal, show, stock, coach, lose, long, oat, row, blow, close, globe, close, loaf, mow

Green Group: boy, point, soil, joy, toy, choice, enjoy, coin, decoy, hoist, ploy, spoil, oil, joint

Blue Group: screech, torch, couch, beach, branch, sketch, match, munch, crunch, which, coach, witch, bench, porch, reach, catch

Teacher Appreciation Week

Some of the students have been asking about Teacher Appreciation Week. The first week in May is typically TAW (this week), but because so many teachers are out of town this week on field trips, MAPA decided to delay ours until next week. You can find their official schedule here:

Also, I know some parents have asked me specifically about what I would appreicate for TAW, so I have created an Amazon list of materials and items that would be beneficial for our classroom. I do not expect anything from anyone, so please don’t feel any pressure to purchase anything for me or our classroom. I am only suggesting items for those who already want to give, but don’t know what would be best. All the items on this list would support our learning and curriculum for next year for anyone interested.

I hope this clears up any confusion! Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Last Two Weeks

We have had such an exciting and busy two weeks that I have completely forgotten to update the blog! Between an awesome field trip to the planetarium (thank you so much to everyone who came!) and our end-of-year reading assessments and preparing for 3rd grade testing and bridging ceremonies and parent/teacher conferences and the 3rd grade party on top of all our normal lessons and activities, we have kept very busy.

I have to say that some of my most rewarding moments as a teacher have happened, too. Our year-end DIBELS and UURC reading assessements are almost complete and our class has shown so much growth in their reading abilities, both in fluency and comprehension. I am watching their math skills explode as they move more quickly through small fact fluency as well as large operations concepts. As a more specific example, the third graders have been working hard on rounding this year: rounding to ten, rounding to hundred, rounding on a numberline, rounding to sum, rounding to estimate products, reverse rounding… you get the idea. It is an abstract and challenging concept and they have been frustrated by it many times. This past week when we began a new lesson to review rounding, one of my third graders immediately said, “Oh, this is easy! Rounding is no problem!” They all agreed and it was amazing to see an obvious reminder of how much they’ve grown. I’ve had similar situations with both first and second graders in the last few weeks and they are excited and proud of what they’ve learned. Those moments are what makes teaching wonderful! Thank you for letting me share them with your children!

Spelling Lists 5/6-5/10

Pink Group (beginning blend only) – horse, shark, sock, ham, seal, shed, hose, ship, soap

Red Group (beginning blend only) – slide, block, plus, sled, blade, plum, blanket, plug

Orange Group – can, pin, sun, run, man, fin, plan, grin, fun

Yellow Group – pig, cup, fish, bus, fin, trunk, lid, gum, wig, plus

Dark Green Group – trade, Spain, clay, nail, shape, past, glass, raise, brave, stray, grain, taste, aid, stand

Green Group – jar, earn, torn, horse, hoarse, worst, core, serve, boar, bore, snore, march, sir, spur, snort, search

Blue Group – dodge, bridge, charge, stage, pledge, change, lodge, cage, surge, bulge, plunge, fudge, large, age, edge

3rd Grade Party, Snack and PTC Sign-Ups

We only have 3 more weeks of school, but there is still a a lot to do! I am linking here to various events that you might want to sign up for.

The first is our spring Parent/Teacher Conferences on May 21-23.

Tuesday, May 21

Wednesday, May 22

Thursday, May 23

Also, we have some special events coming up for our third graders related to their RISE testing. We are throwing them a party to celebrate their testing being done on Monday May 3rd from 1:30-2:30 (with volunteers being needing from 1-3 to help with set up and take down) and we appreciate anything you are willing to do or donate.

The students are excited about this event and most have been looking forward to it since the first grade. Thank you for your support in making this a day to remember. The students suggested a game area, so if you are willing to share any family board games or card games for this event, please make sure your name is on them. We also have a link with suggestions of things we have used and done in the past. Any donations for this event will be greatly appreciated.

***You may send your donations for the party to school with your child the day of the party.***

Lastly we are running short of snack for the end of the year. Our class would appreciate any help with this so we can continue to have snack.

Thank you all so much for your support and help throughout this year!

Spelling Lists 4/29-5/3

Pink Group – pig, pill, wig, lip, mill, hill dig, zip, rip

Red Group (beginning blend only) – pig, lamp, plus, pot, log, plant, pin, plug

Orange Group – cat, hot, sit, got, fat, pit, that, lot, kit

Yellow Group – cat, sock, flag, sack, rock, fox, mop, pot, grass, clap

Dark Green Group – wait, read, need, toast, mail, deaf, pea, moan, sheets, meant, cream, throat

Green Group – turn, sure, curve, purr, turkey, cure, purse, burst, pure, curse, purple, curb, hurl, church, hurt, burn

Blue Group – cheese, France, twelve, bounce, sense, shove, fence, leave, loose, piece, solve, wise, peace, please, move, chance

Weekly Recap and Tidbits


-Our next field trip is on Wednesday, May 1st to the Clarke Planetarium in Salt Lake. We will be taking the FrontRunner from the Wall Street station at 8:37 AM. Students need to be there at 8:10 AM and will need to be picked up at 2:30 PM. IF YOU NEED A RIDE FOR YOUR STUDENT, PLEASE BE IN TOUCH with our wonderful room parent at or myself. Also, we have free FrontRunner tickets for 7 more chaperones. If you’re interested in chaperoning, please let me know.

Weekly Recap

By far our most popular event of the past week was our field trip to see the Penguins movie. The kids loved learning about Steve and Adeline’s family. Afterward, we talked about the migration patterns of penguins from Antarctica to South America (and then introduced 8 other South American animals for research) and tied that into our current geography and continent studies. In math, we have been focusing on exchanging and borrowing across addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operations based on where the students are in their math skills. We have been delving more into paragraph writing, including how to write effective introductions and conclusions. We are also contuining to work on time and elapsed time.

Thank you for all you do!