Weekly Recap and Tidbits

This post will mostly serve as info for the coming weeks, but first a brief recap of last week! We finished all our reading assessments last week, our 3rd graders (mostly) completed their RISE testing and officially in end-of-school mode. We capped off all our grammar lessons this year by writing a story together as a group and symbolizing the words. The children loved it so much we might do another one this week. And speaking of this week, here is some of our upcoming schedule for the rest of the year:


Monday- Students show their best Grace and Courtesy towards teachers and staff on this day. Giving your teachers a hug.

Tuesday- Flower Day.  Bring flowers or make a flower for both your teachers.

Wednesday- Make a picture, write a nice note, poem etc. for each of your teachers.

Thursday- Drink day!  Bring a drink for your teacher on this day.

Friday- Field Day and spirit day/donate a supply day.  Students may dress down for field day and can wear their teacher’s favorite colors. *Please watch the weather!  The kids are going to be outside and if it is rainy, windy, or chilly then they need to be dressed in layers to be comfortable.  I’m hoping the rain will hold off on Friday, but please prepare them!  Sunscreen is also advised.  Water bottles are needed.

This Friday, May 17th is also the 9th grade graduation at 5:30 p.m.

May 20th at 10:30am will be the kindergarten bridging ceremony in the junior high gym. If you have a kindergartner and would like their sibling from our class to attend, please come to our classroom to pick them up and take them to the gym. May 20th is our last full day of school and then the rest of the week will be early outs.

May 21st will be 3rd Graders Bridging Ceremony at 10:30am in the junior high gym. Early out at 1 pm and beginning of Parent/Teacher Conferences.

May 22nd will be upper elementary’s bridging ceremony at 10:30am in the junior high gym. If you want your child to see their 6th grader at their ceremony, please come by our classroom and escort them with you to the gym. Early out at 1pm. PTC begin at 1:30pm.

May 23rd is crazy hair/hat/sock day.  We will also clean out lockers on this day, so please send backpacks to carry items home. Early out at 1pm. Last day of PTC.

May 24th is the last day of school.  It will be sports/tie dye day.  Students may wear their favorite sports team apparel and or tie dye. Yearbooks will be distributed and the kids will get to go around and sign each others yearbooks, I will provide paper for those students who did not purchase a yearbook.  We will be outside part of this day watching the annual kickball game. Please dress for the weather.  Early out at 1pm.

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