Amazing year – Wonderful Summer

I wish to thank everyone for a wonderful opportunity to have taught your child this past year. We have had so many transitions and progressions and everyone succeeded in moving forward. I am sure all will have fun doing a variety of things this summer. I ask that all of my students continue to READ, READ, READ! And of course, when they are out and about, have them do some sort of computation with the groceries or telling time, etc.

The school supply list is already up and comes with an Amazon wish list this year. You may choose how you wish to work on preparing for this need over the summer or gather it all in the fall. You may purchase individually the types of items the classroom needs or you can purchase the bulk item. The shipping address is the school if you wish to have it delivered directly.


Again, I appreciate all of you and most especially your children, please give them big hugs from me. I miss them already!

Have a great summer!

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