Winter Lights Celebration for Students – Dec. 20st

The children have been discussing possible celebrations and activities they would like to experience this season. They have elected to have a small soup and bread feast, along with a secret gift giving activity for the 20th. Students will receive a lights celebration assignment to look up and create a small presentation. They can work with the other person assigned to that celebration or they can work alone. They will have some time in class too. Students will present these on the 19th!

They also will be assigned their secret gift giving student. Please keep the cost below $10 and simple gifts are usually the best. On the day of the event, we will bake and have several activities in the morning, then eat our feast mid-day and wrap up with some relevant reading and gift giving in the afternoon. We need hot chocolate, peppermint sticks, soup, and bread roll donations. Anyone who wishes to help with this, please contact me at or Jen Noyes at The children are super excited! Help us make this wonderful!

Busy Times!


This month is super busy as I’m sure you know from your own personal lives. There will be several posts today. Please take the time to read each one and see where and how if relates to you and your student. Thank you!

Today is a walking field trip for the 4th and 5th years and a Science Fair movie for the 6th years. All students are working on STEM projects, both in class and as their home projects. Sixth years are working on Science Fair. Fifth years are working on Invention Convention. And 4th years will be working in class with me on their STEM projects. I will send home material to read over break and when we return, we will get busy in class on the experiments of it. Thus, students today are looking for books and materials related to their projects at the library.


Dear Families,

Please take a few moments to complete this anonymous Stakeholder Survey before it closes on December 14th. We need your feedback as change only comes when we know where we can improve.

The survey link is

If you would like to be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift card, please take a screenshot of the last page of the completed survey and send it to



Students need to be working through their Biztown books as best they can. Some activities, we don’t get to do, due to the nature of the environment. However, the basics of each skill is something we do get to do. We want to give a huge shout out to  our very own Cyan Mitchell, who has been voted in as Mayor of JA Biztown this year. Our class has two businesses to run: United Way and Smith’s Marketplace. It’s going to be great fun. That said, we need FOUR VOLUNTEERS to go with our group. If you would like to volunteer, please email me at or through REMIND. It is an all-day activity and is on Jan 18th. Thank you!



Dear Sixth Grade Families,
Our sixth grade students have the unique opportunity to attend STARBASE on Hill Air Force Base.  This is a wonderful STEM program offered to very few schools in Northern Utah.  The permission slip has already been sent home and returned to school by each family, thank you.  This is a five day field trip one day a week for five weeks.  The dates for this wonderful experience are:
Monday January 7, 2019
Tuesday January 15, 2019
Wednesday January 23, 2019
Wednesday January 30, 2019
Wednesday February 6, 2019
It is your responsibility as parents to get your child to and from STARBASE on each of the dates listed above.  I encourage you to carpool with each other.  I would like permission from each family to send out a list of the sixth grade parents e-mail addresses to each of you so you can coordinate rides.  Please let me know as soon as possible if you do not want me to share your e-mail address with the other sixth grade families.
STARBASE in on Hill Air Force Base; we have a few plans to get your students on base.  Other schools hire a bus to get them to and from STARBASE.  A bus costs $500.00 a day so that is not an option for us.
Our first plan is to meet at The Aerospace Museum and STARBASE will send a Hill Air Force Base bus to come pick us up and transport us to and from STARBASE.  The information for this plan is located here. Roy Gate Base Bus   One last thing, I can not press upon you enough not to be late dropping off or picking up. The use of the base bus is a courtesy that has been extended to STARBASE and we do not want to keep them waiting; especially if they have other routes.
The second plan if the Hill Air Force Base cannot come get up for some reason is to have parents transport their child onto base.  In order for anyone to get onto base they need to provide some information.  Please fill out this form with the appropriate information if you think there is any possibility you might drive to or from this field trip one of the days.  TRANSPORTATION FOR BASE ACCESS ’18  STARBASE needs this information by December 20th.  Please get this information to me as soon as possible.  Once this information is turned over to security forces we will not be able to add any drivers.  If you think there is a small chance you may drive your child then please fill out this form.  These are the instructions for getting to the South Gate.  South Gate Contingency Plan ’18
If you have any questions please let me know.
Upper Elementary Team
Currently, we have one driver who has provided her information to the base. Anyone else who wishes to be considered to go on base at any time during the dates of STARBASE needs to return an email with their license number, name, and state issued, IMMEDIATELY. Thank you.

Parent Education Evening Dec 6th 5:30 PM

Parent Education Night
Mark your calendars for an exciting, educational evening. Our teachers have heard you and understand that you would like more knowledge about what Montessori looks, sounds, and feels like, how it can benefit you and your child, and a better connection to some of its vocabulary. We will host a night with two prime topics being featured: Grace and Courtesy (Communication, Independence, Movement, and Self-Discipline) and The Benefits of Montessori (how it differs from traditional schooling). After a short introduction together in the small gym, we will break out into groups to discuss the two topics. We look forward to seeing you all there! Any questions can be directed to or

Original Works Update

Dear Families,
Original Works keepsakes will be delivered to your children on Friday, November 30th. If you would like to help sort, please let Rachael Bush know (! We’re going to be opening boxes and checking order forms in the conference room right after drop off Friday morning!

6th Grade REDWOODS

Here is the form needed tomorrow to intend to go to REDWOODS this year. This is an amazing trip. I will be attending and would love to have my 6th year students on this trip. Students grow immensely from this experience. The maturity they need for Junior High, the confidence and self-esteem they need for life, and much more are all benefits to going on this trip. If for any reason you are hesitating to send your student and would like further insight or need financial insight, I would be glad to provide that. I am available tomorrow to discuss it. Just shoot me an email and I will make time. Also, if you would like to chaperone, please contact us. We need chaperones too!

Thank you!

It’s thoroughly FALL! Oh, how beautiful…

The chilly, crisp air and the leaves falling all around declares a definite fall is here. We are making progress just like our elements. Students have been studying mapping, common and proper nouns, sentence parts like subject and predicate, weather and climate, math in many forms and lots of writing.

What I’ve noticed is that writing is a great challenge for most of our students, whether it be due to the physical exercise of writing or due to the task of grasping an idea from the mind and translating it onto “paper.” Our students NEED these tools. They have technology tools we never had. And while I will expect students to continue their handwriting practice and write notes and other assignments by hand, we could really use your parental help with learning how to write. If your student is a fifth or sixth grader, they need to be going online to their google journal and writing in their journal daily. Yet, any student can create a journal or a storybook. Ask your student to tell you a story from his or her life every day. Then ask the student to write that same story down!

Don’t critique the spelling or the punctuation yet. Just help them start putting their ideas on paper or on a Google doc or even telling it to Siri, who will type it for them. This is a fabulous tool that will also help them learn the spelling of many words because they will see it in front of them as it types. Most computers have this voice-to-text feature too. Nonetheless, this is where we are. Our children have a need; let’s provide for it.

Within the classroom, we have had some class meetings where we discussed our general needs and discovered that space is a critical piece. Comfortable working space. Thus, we are looking for another sturdy wooden table approximately 70″ L x 26-28″ T x 24-28″ W. If you know of one that we could use, please let me know. If you know of someone who could make one, let me know that too. We would so appreciate it.

We had a great time at our Newsies field trip. It really was a blast and the children spoke highly of the experience. I hope we can do another arts trip!

Newsies certainly was a welcome up-swing to our otherwise rather disheartening and troublesome week last week. We did have many conversations about how everyone processes loss differently and what most would consider etiquette for public grieving. For those who would like to attend, there will be a Memorial Service at Lindquist from 5-8pm tomorrow, Thursday, November 1st. As I told my students last week, this has been a difficult thing for me personally. I see my students as my own children in so many ways; I love them so much. Thus, losing two that I shared time and space with, shook me. I hope that I have been able to provide a secure and safe place for our students while we heal from this loss.

In further updates, I hope the Parent-Teacher Conferences were beneficial to all and I was thrilled that I was able to meet with almost every parent this time. If there is ever a need to contact me, please do so.

Also, (I like to use this car analogy) we have been going at about thirty mph – a good speed for getting there – and now will be going into a season of about forty-five. It will feel fast and busy (and won’t slow down!) Thus, here is a quick synopsis at present:

Monday, November 5th  We will have a walking field trip to the library on 26th. Forms coming home Thursday.

Nov 5th – Nov 9th  Red Ribbon Week – If you are able to assist me with these activities through volunteerism, PLEASE HELP! Yay 🙂

Thursday, Nov 15th  Cultural Festival Projects due in class. Overview and guidelines went home Tuesday and assignments were picked today, Wednesday. Questions unanswerable by the guideline, contact me. A copy is also on this blog’s PDF page. Here is the Decades Listing  Every student selected a different decade, except 4. There are 4 that will have two students assigned to it.

Nov 15th  Another Picture Day

Friday, Nov 16th  Students will present their projects for the whole school to peruse. Come visit with everyone from 1-3pm.


Dec 6th Parent Education Evening: Details to come!


Please put these dates on the calendar. There will be more to come and I will keep you as informed as possible as we continue to learn. Presently, our focuses are security in mathematics fundamentals, weather & climate, calendar & time, Exploration and the Colonists, handwriting execution, and writing our ideas with a beginning, middle and end. So, help us tell stories and get our brilliant ideas out of our brains! Thanks for all you do, parents!


A Message From MAPA – Fall Festival, Oct 12th

Good afternoon, Parents,

Thank you so much to everyone who has already signed up to help at Fall Festival! October is a pretty busy month as far as MAPA and volunteering go so we need help from so many. If you haven’t had a chance to sign up yet there is still time. We need several more volunteers to keep all of the activities open. This year MAPA will be implementing the “no volunteer, no activity” moto again. This means that any time we have a volunteer need and no one has signed up that activity will be closed for the time slot.

Not only do we have Fall Festival this month we also have Parent Teacher Conference dinners and Book Fair October 15-17th.

Please, please follow the link and sign up where you are able. Please note there are multiple signups for all events on the calendar. If one is full please click on the next signup sheet. If you have any questions you can email MAPA at

Angela Voraotsady

Original Works & Newsies

Original Works folders came home today IF you’re child completed his/her art. Please take a look at it and THIS PDF.

Also, our Newsies Field Trip permission slips were sent home today too – send them back ASAP. You can also find a scan of the forms on our PDFs/Documents page.

See you Monday!

Snack – Track it Forward

As of now, no one is signed up to bring snack the next seven weeks, at minimum. Please look on Track it Forward to sign up and help out our classroom having snack! Scroll down through the Mondays and choose one of the buttons which say “Miss. Kotie’s Snack.” Thank you!