Reading Lab

Peer edit #4 is due today, and the entire unit is due in a week, on Friday.

For our next unit, the last of the year, we will be working on reading comprehension. We will focus on locating facts within a text, and using the SQ3R method effectively.

Please remember to bring a book or magazine to class. We have time at the beginning of the period for you to read something fun–but you need to be bringing something, or you’ll be stuck reading something from my library bag.

Authors! If you have a writing project that you have been eager to start or would like to work on, I will also accept proposals for individual, alternate units for our final month together. Your proposal needs to include weekly milestones, and a plan for what you will do in class. Remember that computers are not always available, so do not plan on typing unless you have an approved device from home to use for this. Please turn in your plan by Thursday, April 21.

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