Language of Liquids


Now that Outsiders is done, we are working on reading and writing in proper scientific language. In Mr. Rob’s class, when we write lab reports, we need to be using more “grown up” words than we’re used to. Mr. Rob put a list of scientific words on his blog, and we are going to work on learning how to use these words.

If “Language of Liquids” is marked as Missing on Aspire, then you did not finish this assignment. You were given a handout with the words and definitions in mixed-up order. We matched the words and definitions together in class, and you were supposed to tape or glue the cards down matched up correctly. You were then to draw an example of that word. Remember to focus on the definition that has to do with describing liquids.

Then, either solo or in groups, you were to write a scientific description of one of the following holiday drinks:

Hot chocolate with marshmallows
Coffee with whipped cream
Hot cider with a cinnamon stick
Cold eggnog with nutmeg sprinkled on top


Math Lab: Gift-Giving Data

All month we’re working with data! Today’s data was the answer to the question “How many presents are you buying or  making this year?” We shared a little about our family gift-giving traditions and then each table group (or solo, for those who chose to go solo) made a bar graph, a scatter plot, and a stem & leaf graph from that data. Each group also figured out the mean, median, mode, and quartiles for this data.

Normally, we don’t have homework in Math Lab. A couple of you refused to participate, or didn’t finish in the 40 minutes you were given. If you would like to improve your score on this assignment, you are welcome to do it again and turn it in and I would be happy to change your grade.


IPad apps to help with reading & writing

I was answering an email for someone, and realized that possibly some of you would appreciate this information!

There are a lot of very good education apps for IOS, and, if you get your parents to sign the device policy paper (ask Ms. Jessica),  you can bring your IPad or IPod to school. Sorry, no IPhones.

Do you have a hard time writing? DragonDictation is a free app that will turn speech into typing. You speak into the microphone and it types every word you say. Then, you email the text to yourself and put in punctuation. This app would be great for those of you who HATE writing but are good at speaking.

Do you have a hard time filling out worksheets and tests because you don’t like writing by hand? SnapType is another free app. With it, you take a photo of any paper, and then you can type on the photo. Then, you can email the photo to your teacher to turn in the worksheet or test, or you can email it to me, and I’ll print it for you to turn in.

Do you have a hard time reading? Text Grabber costs $4.99, but it looks very useful. You photograph any typed text, like work sheets, study guides, or textbooks. Then, the app will actually read the text to you! I have not tried this one personally, but the reviews are very good.