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Just a reminder the 4th grade field trip is tomorrow. You need to have your permission slip turned in in order to attend. We cannot make exceptions about this for legal reasons. You are also responsible for bringing your child to and from the field trip or arranging a ride with another parent. You can email our room parent Candice Roberts if you need help getting a ride and she may be able to help you coordinate with other parents. We will meet in the North Shore parking parking lot about 9:20 so we can leave by 9:30 am. We will be back to the school by 3 pm for pick up. We will be outside part of the time so please make sure you send your child with a coat. Also, make sure their lunch does not require heating up as we will be eating at the park. Thanks and I am so excited for this opportunity to attend the Dinosaur Park. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Candice Roberts 



4th Grade Field Trip

We have a 4th Grade Field Trip coming up to the Dinosaur Park. It is on October 15th. I sent home a field trip permission form last week. Please get those into me if you haven’t already. It will be a really fun experience and goes along with the 4th grade science curriculum of fossils and rocks. Remember you are in charge of getting your child there or arranging a carpool.

Fall Festival

Thanks to all who came to our amazing Fall Festival put on by MAPA. They always do an amazing job. It was so fun to see many of you there and to see all the fun costumes.

Home projects

Here is the information for the book report for this month. Apparently several children lost theirs between the classroom and home ūüôā

Book Report 

Each child needs to pick a book on their reading level to read at home. Please don’t have them pick a book that is way to easy for them. They may pick any subject they like. Fantasy, adventure, comedy, biography, non-fiction, etc. They will read this book at home and do a book report at the end of the month. It is due Friday, October 25 and we will present them to the class over the next few days.

**Students need to present a book report from the following formats. We will do several book reports throughout the year. They may only do each format one time, so each book report will be presented differently.









commercial script 


Oral presentation w/ visual


Dear 6th Grade Parents,
This is our last call for your student to sign-up for the Redwoods trip in April 2020. We will be accepting deposits and intent forms through Thursday, October 3rd at 3:30pm. We will not be accepting payment after this hard deadline. For your convenience, here is the intent letter that went home at the meeting. 
Lana Pas
Assistant Director

The kids voted on making pizza for our activity tomorrow (Tuesday). They all signed up for different ingredients. I tried to have at least 2 people sign up for each item. You shouldn’t need a ton of each ingredient. Like I said before, if you can’t get the item here just send me a quick email so I am aware and can bring the item myself. The sign-up list is below. Feel free to bring anything additional your child might like.

AJ- Bacon
Kael- Ham, Olives, Sausage
Sophia- Flour, pineapple
Lily- Salt
Andrew- Sauce, Flour
Shannon- Shredded cheese, bell peppers
Sianne- Shredded cheese
Toren- Olives, Pepperoni
Harper- Pepperoni, vegetable oil
Carson- meat
Matt- yeast
Kailyn- Red Sauce
Stevie- Red sauce
Robin- Pepperoni, oil
Ethan- Cheese, sauce
Ryley- white sauce
Londyn- breadsticks
Mari- yeast
Evan- cheese, Sauce
Mahki- cheese

This month we are doing a book report home project. All the children are expected to read a book at home that challenges them a little bit, write a book report, and give a class presentation about the book. I will be sending home a rubric with details this week.

Tuesday we are doing a fun measurement learning activity and cooking some yummy things so hopefully everyone can be there that day because it will be awesome. Some of the children will be signing up to bring some things for this project on Monday. If they sign up for something and you can’t get it to school Tuesday just send me a quick email and I will get it for them.

Thanks again for everything you do to help and hopefully we will see you all at the Fall Festival this Friday.

Fall Festival

Big picture

Fall Festival is coming up. This is an awesome activity and fundraiser for the school. Kids can dress up in their Halloween costumes, play in several bounce houses, and participate in other activities.

Purchase Tickets Here

Mugs and Muffins

MAPA’s Mugs and Muffins

Bring your empty mug and MAPA will fill it with warm deliciousness and tell you about all the different ways you can volunteer in the classroom and at school and earn your 40 hours. Meet up on Friday, September 27th at the North Shore parking lot right after drop off at 8:30am and right before pick up at 12:30pm on this early dismissal day.

We have started doing a show and teach moment with the children. The goal of this time is to give the children a chance to speak publicly and to teach their peers about something. I think I was a little unclear in my expectations and I never posted here for parents last week, so we ended up with a few things that weren’t appropriate. I apologize for the oversight and confusion. Here are some examples of appropriate things to bring/share during this time.

Anything brought in must be able to fit in their locker unless you get prior approval from me. They also have 2-3 minutes depending on the subject. Toys are not allowed. This time will be on Fridays but it will not be every Friday. I will tell your children the weeks we do it as they come up.


  • Tell about a family vacation they went on and teach the other children about where they visited and what they saw. 1 souvenir is acceptable to show.
  • A story they wrote that they want to share
  • A rock or fossil they want to show the class they found/bought.
  • Artwork
  • Tell about a favorite book they have read.
  • Act out a short skit or sing an appropriate song
  • Share a work they are especially proud of
  • Pictures of them learning a new skill at home like rock climbing, swimming, or riding a bike.
  • Tell about a science experiment they did
  • Teach the other children about something they learned that really excited them.

Please just email me if you have any questions.


Here is some information about the schools upcoming fundraiser.

MMA Fun Run (Boosterthon)

It is almost that time of year for MMA’s 2nd annual Fun Run on November 13th! Please spread the word and help us get sponsors for our custom, free, t-shirt! Curious as to what the Fun Run is? Check out this link to¬†Boosterthon’s¬†website for more information. Last year our school raised over $12,000!
Thanks again for all you do and email me with any questions.

This week was awesome. We had a few new lessons about Grace and Courtesy where they learned and practiced many new skills. So much improvement was made that they were prepared and ready to do a cooking activity in the Kiva. We learned about the different types of measurements, food safety, and then we split in 2 groups and baked some delicious muffins. We also celebrated Maria Montessori’s birthday by making hats just like she would always wear. We also learned a lot about her life and the process she went through to develop the Montessori Method. Especially how she continually strived to guide children to be able to discover and learn for themselves. In addition, Tuesday we are also doing several service projects around the school in her honor.

These first few weeks we have been focusing on Grace and Courtesy, Team building, and different assessments. We have gone through a lot of different Language works; making your children familiar with them and able to work on them independently. The next few weeks we are focusing on math lessons and getting them working on all the amazing hands on math works we have available.

Her are a few pictures I had of some of our activities.

We made our own hats in honor of Maria Montessori who loved to wear hats.

We found some praying mantis outside and brought them in for a couple hours to observe and do research about them.

Timeline of life activity

Different team building activities we did the first few weeks of school. Ask you child about them They had a lot of fun.

Email Sharing

Hello Parents/Guardians,
We are in the process of getting together emails for an email list for field trips, class parties, fall festival, field day, and other activities we do as a class. The emails you share with us would be used by other parents in the classroom to contact you about these events and to coordinate helping out.¬† I am requesting that all parents/caregivers to respond back with their names and preferred email. It would also be useful to know date/times of availability, phone number, city of residence, etc. Please also respond if you DO NOT want your email the school has on file shared to the group. If I don’t hear back from you I will assume that you are okay with me sharing your email.

Thanks so much for all you help.

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