February 1

Dear parents,

Thank you so much for your pledges for our school fun run!!  Your response has been amazing!! As a school we’ve earned more than 12,000 dollars!  Thank you so much!

We will be having a class Valentine’s party.  It is the usual preparations:  Each student will provide a holiday snack (try for red or pink dishes), valentine’s for their classmates, and a few parents can help with a craft.  If you want to help with a craft please let me know through your student or email.  The party will be on February 14 at 1:00 p.m.

Please go to www.trackitforward.com to sign-up for parent teacher conferences.  Look for my name on the February 13,14,15.

Thank you,

Ms. Shanan

January 21

Dear parents,

Thank you so much  for everything you did!  Getting the students ready for those fairs can be so daunting and exhausting.  Thank you so much!  Starbase is up again this Wednesday.  They really are getting a lot of these days at Hill Air Force Base.

We’ve planned as a class to do a cooking challenge on Thursday afternoon. Your students may request some ingredients from you.

Other than that, we should have a pretty regular week.  Hallelujah!


Ms. Shanan

Stem assembly

Jordynn made a bunny appear

We had an amazing STEM assembly this week. The kids thought it was so cool and hilarious  Make sure to ask them what their favorite part was. AJ, Matt, Ethan, and Jordynn even got to participate

They all started out sitting on chairs.

And through the magic of science they removed the chairs and the kids didn’t fall down 😁

Science Fair and Engineering Fair Rubric

Science Fair Rubric (Go to www.sciencebuddies.com to get more details of how the board should look and for science fair ideas.)

  1.  Student has a 2-3 page background research paper on the topic chosen.
  2. Student does a science experiment.
  3. Student presents his/her experiment and results on a board based on the criteria on www.sciencebuddies.org.
  4. Student brings board the first of the week of January 14.

Engineering Fair Rubric

  1.  Student writes up a one-page paper on their invention idea and what problem it will solve.
  2. Students create a model of their invention.
  3. Students present their invention and a board explaining the steps taken and purpose of the invention for display.
  4. Students are prepared with their inventions on January 14.


January 7


There is one week before our school celebrates STEM week (January 14-18).  Sixth grade students will be presenting their science fair projects on Wednesday the 16th, 5th graders will be presenting their engineering projects on Thursday the 17th and the fourth graders will be presenting their group STEM project on Friday the 18th.  The fourth graders and I will be planning their project this week.  We will let you know if we need any help from you.  Because the science fair came so quickly this year after the holiday break, I want you to know that whatever your student hands in will be alright with me.  I don’t want anyone panicking  the night before and staying up until one a.m. trying to finish (I’ve been there.).  I do want to see your students give it their best effort.  I will do what I can at school to get them ready by providing computer time and materials if needed.  Will you let me know how I can support you with this home project?  We’ve got printers, paper, extra boards and all the school-type stuff that your student might need.  We do want our shared-students to feel successful and confident with their school work which is enhanced when they get help from both home and school.

Thank you,

Ms. Shanan


Ms. Shanan Update December 5 Sixth Grade Parents Please Read

Hello parents,

Okay, we have a few things to cover.

First, the holiday party has been changed to the last day of school before the holiday break. December 21st.

Second, the sixth grade students have a field trip next week to the Clark Planetarium next Wednesday the 12th.  You need to have your student at the Front Runner station at 7:10 a.m. and pick them up at 3:25 p.m. that afternoon. They need a lunch that doesn’t need to be heated.

Third, the sixth graders also get to participate in a Hill Air Force Base science experience that lasts six sessions starting in January.  They will go to the base once a week.  These are the dates:  January 7, January 15, January 23, January 30, February 6.  They will stay all day and do science activities.  Each sixth grader parent is responsible to get his/her student to the base and back on these days.  It would be better to carpool.  If you have a problem with your email being put on a list for other sixth grade parents, let me know, so that you can contact one another to arrange rides.  The form explaining all of it is coming home with your student today. The program is called STARBASE.  If you become a driver, you have to provide your driver’s license # and other information, at the base, to be approved to go on the base.  Let me know if you can drive any of these dates and we will work out the details.

Thank you,

Ms. Shanan


October 29

Hello parents,

I wish I could give you all a big hug.  I hope your homes are well and your students are healing from the recent events.

We are having a fall party in our classroom on October 31st.  Our room mom is organizing it.  Please help her make this party wonderful for our students.

The new home project has been assigned.  Help your student pick an appropriate topic on the theme of “Celebrating the United States”.  Appropriate topics include things that are specifically American like baseball or apple pie; the fourth of July or Mount Rushmore.  Thank you.  You can see the rubric and due date on the home project page on this blog.

Thank you,

Ms. Shanan

October 22

Hello Parents,

This week is full with picture day on Monday and on Tuesday an evacuation drill and an assembly with the Living Planet Aquarium.

I will be giving out your emails to our room mom this week. Be prepared to help with our fall class party on October 31st.

I am thankful to all those who wished me well while I was sick.  I’m feeling much better now and am ready to get back to teaching!

Our school-wide cultural festival is on November 16th from 1-3.  Your student will need to prepare for it.  The topic is “Celebrating the United States”.  The project is explained below. I also made a page at the top of the blog with this rubric for quick access.


Ms. Shanan

Celebrating the United States Home Project

For the School-wide Cultural Celebration to be held on November 16, 2018

Parents welcome from 1-3  p.m.

  1. Student must pick a topic of interest that involves something great about the United States.  It could be anything from baseball to the Fourth of July. It could be music or a famous person.  Please help your student pick something that excites them personally.
  2. Student must pick the topic by the end of this week, Friday, October 26.  
  3. Student must research the topic and write a two-page paper if fourth grader, three-page paper if 5th grader and a four-page paper if a sixth grader. It must be typed and double-spaced.  Paper is due November 12.
  4. Student must make a presentation board to share at the school-wide cultural festival.
  5. Optional:  Student can provide an artifact, food, music or any other supplemental items to increase interest and enthusiasm for his/her topic.
  6. Project will be graded on a 1-4 scale.



1-Student did nothing for their project.

2-Student handed in parts of the project but it was done sloppily and with little content or sign of effort.

3-Student handed in the project with all parts done adequately and with neatness and respect.

4-Student went above and beyond expectations by having an expert knowledge of the topic and went above and beyond with the board and supplemental materials.  



October 10

Dear parents,

The opportunity to sign up for Parent Teacher Conference can be found on the website Track it forward.  Parent Teacher Conference is next week from Monday to Wednesday.  It is early out at 1 p.m. each day.

This week we will be having an activity called “store” that teaches economy and money exchange as well as marketing.  Students prepare something to sell and are given “Montessori dollars” to have a in-class store experience.  Please don’t spend money on this. Your student is meant to make something or find no longer wanted items from home.  It shouldn’t be taxing to you.

The home projects are wonderful.  Thank you for helping your student be successful!  Our class has learned a lot about Native American culture.

Thank you for snack!

Ms. Shanan