October 10

Dear parents,

The opportunity to sign up for Parent Teacher Conference can be found on the website Track it forward.  Parent Teacher Conference is next week from Monday to Wednesday.  It is early out at 1 p.m. each day.

This week we will be having an activity called “store” that teaches economy and money exchange as well as marketing.  Students prepare something to sell and are given “Montessori dollars” to have a in-class store experience.  Please don’t spend money on this. Your student is meant to make something or find no longer wanted items from home.  It shouldn’t be taxing to you.

The home projects are wonderful.  Thank you for helping your student be successful!  Our class has learned a lot about Native American culture.

Thank you for snack!

Ms. Shanan

Home Project Assigned

Dear parents,

The homework in a Montessori school looks like a home project.  It is assigned every six weeks and has a different theme.  This first home project is about the native Americans of North America.  Your student picks a tribe of interest learns about them and focuses on how that tribe met their fundamental needs in earlier times. They need to make a book or board plus an artifact of a particular fundamental need that they found interesting.  Please look to the home project page on this blog for the rubric and more specific instructions. It is due on any day of the week of October 4th.

September 10

Dear parents,

We have a field trip on September 21, 2018 to a festival on the constitution.  We will need drivers.  If you think you can drive, please email me.  This has never happened but if we don’t get enough drivers then we will not attend because logically we can’t get there. Smile.

Remember, it’s back-to-school night on Thursday.

Thank you to those who provided snack last week.

Ms. Shanan

August 31

Our class is doing so well.  Everyone is nice to each other.  We are already working hard.  We are team building and getting closer as a class family every day.  We’ve already learned about the beginning of the universe, about the life of Maria Montessori (It’s her birthday today.) and about our class norms.  I’m learning a lot about where your student is in his/her progress in math and language.  I’ve been doing math assessments as well as reading level assessments.  We have a bright group.  I’m excited to dive into well structured lessons next week and get this ball rolling.  Next week, we will be learning about where we fit in the cosmos, about life on earth and what our cosmic task as humans is in taking care of our planet.  We will also be starting our United States unit and will focus primarily next week on the Native Americans of this continent.  We will also begin the study of the water cycle and weather for the younger students and global weather patterns for the older students.  We will be studying in the gardens for botany paying particular focus on the sunflower-its mathematical patterns, its uses for the Native Americans and its botanical structure.  I think we will have a lot of fun and learn at the same time.  I love each of your children.  They each bring a special addition to our classroom.  Thank you for choosing to have them here at Maria Montessori Academy.

Ms. Shanan

August 23

Dear parents,

We’ve had a great few couple of days.  I’ve created a page on this blog called the “Snack Schedule”.  In my class you are assigned a week to provide snack for the class.  This isn’t prepared by you but is brought in and then prepared by the students.  Snack can include items such as apples, cheese, bananas, crackers and so forth.  You bring it in once on the Monday and we take care of the rest.  If you have a problem with providing snack please shoot me an email and I will take you off the schedule; no problem.  I will give you a week warning.  This next week I didn’t schedule anyone due to the short notice but if you are able to help out and bring in some snack, the students would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for all the school supplies.  It sets us all up for success for the rest of the year.  I’ve loved getting to know you and your students.  I know we will have a full and wonderful year!

Ms. Shanan

Hope you have a great summer!

Dear parents,

I want to thank you for all the kindness and hard work you gave this year.  I hope you have a wonderful summer.  Let your kiddos know how much I love them and miss them.  To all those not returning, good luck in your new adventures.  You will me missed.  I’ve updated the school supply list to reflect for next year.  Thank you.

Ms. Shanan

Parent Teacher Conference

Hi parents,

You can sign up for parent teacher conferences at www.trackitforward.com. You should be able to see my name and you should have an account with a password. The conferences are going to be light and casual at this point. Don’t feel like you have to stay for the whole thirty minutes. I would love to discuss your student, however, if you have deeper concerns or issues. Your student is encouraged to be there.
As far as the state study, I had a counsel with the class and I wanted handed in anything they have done. It doesn’t have to be finished but I need to see some effort. They know this and have been working on it in class. I told the students who don’t show any effort at all and hand in nothing that they will be working on it at a time when the rest of us will be having fun. Hopefully this will motivate those few that struggle with follow-through to do something.
We are still going to Crystal Hot Springs on Monday. If you plan to drive let me know.
We’ve had a great year and I look forward to seeing you at PTC.
Ms. Shanan

April 16

Thank you to all those parents that made the Ice Skating Field Trip a success!!  The students loved the experience and found great strength from trying something new.  We are officially done with home projects.  You can relax and enjoy the rest of the school year.  Our students have done two of the four tests for state testing.  They worked hard and stayed focused; I was impressed.  There is a sixth grade field trip to the Clark Planetarium coming up and the students will ride on the Front Runner so no car pools are needed.  We are also done with parents providing snack.  From now one have your student pack a snack in their lunch boxes.  I hope you are all doing well and I love your children so much.  I value my time with them.  This year has been memorable.  Take care.

Ms. Shanan

March 20 Engineering Fair and Humanitarian Project

Hello parents,

It is time to update you.  Our class has been extremely productive.  Our days are spent reading, exercising, learning math, writing, studying cultural subjects and so on.  Right now we are learning about the brain in physiology and river ecosystems in biology.  We solve weekly problems in class meetings that the students run.  We are focusing on how to build resilience right now in our behavior curriculum.  The fifth graders just went on a field trip to JBiztown to learn how to interact in a financial community.  The Utah Opera Company came to do an assembly and educate our students about the fine arts last week.  We had a funeral for our class pet, a parakeet named Blue tube.  As you can see, there is never a dull moment in our class.

We are going to begin a humanitarian project to send wash clothes to Africa.  Each student is going to need to bring a pair of knitting needles (around size 6-7) by Friday of this week.  They will also need to bring yarn.  This will be a part of practical life curriculum that we highlight on Friday afternoons.

The home project for this month is an engineering project.  Your student is well aware of it and has been working on it in class.  Now it is time to involve you in the process.  Your student has come up with an invention that he or she needs to create that meets a need in life.  Your student should come home with the idea already formalized and a plan to create the invention.  What we need from you is help to make your student’s invention a reality.  Last year, we had inventions such as a mouse trap, a key retriever when it gets lost in the cracks of your seat in the car, an envelope opener and so forth.  They also need to track in writing the process they took to make the invention, what mistakes were made and how they resolved them.  This is an important part of this project.  Below is the rubric for the project:

  1.  Form 1:  A Plan for the Invention (done in class)
  2. Form 2:  Questionaire for the Invention (done in class)
  3. Create the invention. (Done at home)
  4. A written step by step process of the creation of the invention (done at home and at school)
  5.  A display of invention to put in the school hallway on the Engineering Day (only for fifth graders) by March 29.

We will focus a lot on this at school just be there when they need your help.

One other thing I feel I finally need to point out is that there is quite a great profanity problem in our class. Certain students are dropping swear words quite regularly and it is becoming an uncomfortable situation for all of us.  If you feel your student might have this problem can you please help me to work with him/her to find positive ways to clean up their language.

Thank you,

Ms. Shanan