Ms. Shanan

Hello parents,

Since May is coming up soon, I’d like us all to get on the same page.

First, the Redwood trip is in one week; the sixth graders will be gone for the entire week.

Second, we have been doing state testing; we have already taken the science and language tests.  The math test is this Friday afternoon.

Third, the students have a state-project due this Friday.  Each student needs to bring in a visual-aid (food, music, clothing, pictures…) from her/his state plus ten interesting facts to share.  Will you just check in and see if your student needs anything and to remind him/her that it is due.

Finally, we are having an upper elementary store/ swap meet on May 20.  Your student will be running a “store” and will need to plan items to sell.  Participating in store is optional.

I would also like to remind you of the field trip on May 14 at the Holmgren Historical Farm.  This is our last field trip of the year.  We will need drivers to this field trip; parents are invited.  It is basically our end-of-year class party so it is a potluck.  Each student can bring something to share.  A information sheet will be coming home describing the activity and giving an address. It should be a lot of fun!


Ms. Shanan

April 14

Dear parents,

I hope you are all doing well.  The class has been eventful as usual.  I think the strongest experience in our class family right now is that everyone seems to be taking turns on struggling with feeling  loved and accepted.  As a class, we work on building strong relationships every day.  We take the time to help students work out their feelings and struggles.  I hope that their time here helps them build a strong sense of self. We all want to feel like we belong and are needed; this has been a big focus in our room.

We also are taking our state tests in the next couple of weeks.  This is the schedule:

4/16 Science 12-3 p..m.

4//24 Math 9-12 p.m.

5/3 Language 12-3 p.m.

5/7 Writing (5th Grade Only) 12-3 p.m.

We also are having two more field trips this year.  We are going to Crystal Hot Springs and to my family-farm, Holmgren Historical Farm.  Parents are welcome at either field trip but I need to know if you plan to attend. The farm field trip is an “in-class end-of-year party”.  Each student may bring a potluck to share.   We will also need drivers.  If you think you can drive let me know.  Email me at

You should have seen a bright orange field trip form.  I apologize for the yellow form; there was a conflict found on it after I had already handed them out.  Please disregard the yellow one and use the orange one.

Besides these events and the 6th grade Redwood Field Trip.  The rest of the year should be predictable.

The students, however, have two big assignments, a country-study and a state-study.  The country study is an in-school assignment and culminates with a Model UN experience with the entire upper elementary.  The state study simply requires your student to bring something to share about their state to share at line time the last Friday of April.  It could be a food, music, art-piece, artifact, or any thing else your student gets inspired to do.  They are collecting facts on a google doc at school but that is an in-class assignment.

Thanks for everything.  Please let me know of any concerns.


Ms. Shanan


March 25

Hello parents,

We are having a spring party this Tuesday morning.  We will be having a breakfast.  Each student has volunteered to bring something.  Please ask your student what she/he is bringing.  We also have field trips coming up; I’m still formalizing a few of them but one I know for sure is Crystal Hot Springs on April 23.  I will be sending home a field trip form by the end of the week.

If you have a 5th grade student, maturation is coming up. This is where students get a formal lesson from a trained professional on some general key changes that happen to their bodies during the developing years.  The boys and girls meet in separate places.  Please read the permission form because there are a few options and we want you to feel comfortable with the outcome.  You are welcome to attend the maturation lesson and your student can opt out of it.

State testing is coming up soon.  We will be testing your students in mid-April and early May.  If you have any concerns let me know.

Thank you,

Ms. Shanan

February 1

Dear parents,

Thank you so much for your pledges for our school fun run!!  Your response has been amazing!! As a school we’ve earned more than 12,000 dollars!  Thank you so much!

We will be having a class Valentine’s party.  It is the usual preparations:  Each student will provide a holiday snack (try for red or pink dishes), valentine’s for their classmates, and a few parents can help with a craft.  If you want to help with a craft please let me know through your student or email.  The party will be on February 14 at 1:00 p.m.

Please go to to sign-up for parent teacher conferences.  Look for my name on the February 13,14,15.

Thank you,

Ms. Shanan

January 21

Dear parents,

Thank you so much  for everything you did!  Getting the students ready for those fairs can be so daunting and exhausting.  Thank you so much!  Starbase is up again this Wednesday.  They really are getting a lot of these days at Hill Air Force Base.

We’ve planned as a class to do a cooking challenge on Thursday afternoon. Your students may request some ingredients from you.

Other than that, we should have a pretty regular week.  Hallelujah!


Ms. Shanan

Stem assembly

Jordynn made a bunny appear

We had an amazing STEM assembly this week. The kids thought it was so cool and hilarious  Make sure to ask them what their favorite part was. AJ, Matt, Ethan, and Jordynn even got to participate

They all started out sitting on chairs.

And through the magic of science they removed the chairs and the kids didn’t fall down 😁

Science Fair and Engineering Fair Rubric

Science Fair Rubric (Go to to get more details of how the board should look and for science fair ideas.)

  1.  Student has a 2-3 page background research paper on the topic chosen.
  2. Student does a science experiment.
  3. Student presents his/her experiment and results on a board based on the criteria on
  4. Student brings board the first of the week of January 14.

Engineering Fair Rubric

  1.  Student writes up a one-page paper on their invention idea and what problem it will solve.
  2. Students create a model of their invention.
  3. Students present their invention and a board explaining the steps taken and purpose of the invention for display.
  4. Students are prepared with their inventions on January 14.