Announcements will now be in Canvas

I will begin using the Announcements option in Canvas, within each class and Advisory, to provide important information.

Please use the Jr High blog as a place to find information about the Jr High community as a whole.

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2018 – 2019 Supplies Needed

Our community has grown and connected with one another throughout the school year. We have said goodbye to our graduating 9th grade students. We have said goodbye to our temporary home, the portables. And, we have said goodbye for the summer.

August 21st we will gather and say hello to one another and reconnect. We will welcome new students with open arms. We will share our summer adventures. And, we will move into our new home, the addition.

Students taking the Erdkinder, Peer Mentor, and Student Council classes will need to have the following supplies.


Student Council:

A composition notebook and page tabs

Writing utensil


Peer Mentor:

A composition notebook and page tabs

Writing utensil



A composition notebook, page tabs, and writing utensil

Box of Nails and/or screws

Mouse 5 in L 3 1/2 in Sandpaper (Variety of Grit)

Optional – Eye protection, gardening/work gloves &  outdoor/gardening shoes


Classroom Community:

Boxes of tissue

Dry Erase Markers

Colored Pencils






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Field Experiences

As the closing of the school year approaches there are several Field Experiences approaching. Below are the Field Experiences and access to the Permission Forms that need to be signed and turned to Ms Leigh.


Advanced Erdkinder CSA Farm May 15th

Students will be going to a local CSA Farm, Sunshine Family Farms, and learning about what they do and provide service work.

Sunshine Farm Fieldtrip Cover Letter

Sunshine Farm Fieldtrip Permission Form

Sunshine Family Farms Map

For Rides:


Intersession Intensive Camp Oakley May 16th-17th

Students will be going on an overnight trip to Camp Oakley in Oakley, Utah. We will be staying in yurts and doing outdoor activities.

Camp Oakley Fieldtrip Cover Letter

Camp Oakley Fieldtrip Permission Form

Camp Oakley Overnight Trip Packing List

Camp Oakley Directions Map

To sign up for a carpool (if you are able to provide rides please contact Jennifer Ourderkirk

For food donations please sign up


Jr High Field Day May 18th

All Jr High Students will have school at Lomand View Park. We will be celebrating our community and our school year together.

Field Day Cover Letter

Field Day Permission Form

For food donations and game donations please sign up






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We have entered our last cycle together for the 2017-2018 school year. It has been a year full of Change, Force, Power and now Connections.

The themes of our cycles help guide our classes, activities and help students ask the question “Who am I?” This is an opportunity for students to ask themselves: What kind of person do I want to be? What do I want to contribute to my community? What kind of friend do I want to be? How can I interact with the connections in my life and grow from them?

We define Connections as:

  • To join, link, or fasten together; unite or bind.
  • To relate to or be in harmony with another person, one’s work, etc.
  • The action of linking one thing with another
  • A set of persons associated together

“Cosmic Education is intended to help each of us search for our cosmic task as a species and as individuals. To do this, we must understand ourselves in context. It is only against the background of our place in the universe, our relationships with other living organisms, and our understanding of human unity within cultural diversity, that we can attempt to answer the question, ‘Who am I?’” (Michael & D’Neil Duffy, Children of the Universe: Cosmic Education in the Montessori Elementary Classroom.)

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It’s Okay to Be Different

There are as many ways to honor or celebrate the differences between people. Different learning styles, physical abilities, ethnic backgrounds, various family structures, value systems, histories, interests, and a lot of other differences; All of these differences create the unique and beautiful communities we live in.

Respect plays a key role in honoring our differences. Building Self-Respect, Respect Other Individuals, and Respecting Communities.

Self-Respect allows us to master our own abilities and potentials. With each new stage, as we grow, we change in how we view ourselves and how we want to fit in.

Respect for other individuals allows us to appreciate others abilities and potentials. As we understand what makes us unique, it is important to understand that our friends, family members, and neighbors have their own uniqueness. There are many opportunities to listen to others and have empathy.

Respect for communities helps us find our way and our place in the world. Our first community is usually family. It is here that we begin to see how people with differences can support each other and share. Communities grow and shift as we move through school and learn more about our place in our city, state or province, country, and eventually the world. The broader the community, the more differences there are to accept and understand. The skills developed while learning to respect others in a community can help us find our way. And answer the Cosmic Question: Who am I?

It’s okay to be different! A simple statement. A complex concept. Accepting differences, our own or those of others, truly becomes powerful when we do so with respect.


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Mastery Connect

Mastery Connect will open to students and parents on Friday December 15th.

This is an opportunity for students to see their mastery level in each class. It is also an opportunity to identify lessons and or assignments that you would like to re-assess. If you see a Zero in the Developing level this indicates you are missing the assignment. If you have any questions about mastery levels and or missing assignments please talk to your teacher.

Ninth grade students will have grades converted to Aspire at the end of the term. These grades will be on your high school transcripts and prove to be important for your future endeavors. Talk to your teachers and your parents if you have concerns; we are all here to help you be successful.

For more information refer to the Jr High Blog

You can download Mastery Connect Apps:

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Thanks for the Giving

This upcoming holiday is a time when people gather for a beautiful meal, family and gratitude. It is with gratitude in mind that we should ponder “Where did my food come from?”

Not only gratitude for those who spent hours preparing the meal, but gratitude for those who grew, raised, and harvested our food. Who are these people who contribute to our meals? What conditions do they work in? What part of the world do they live? Our food comes from many different parts of the world. Our grocery stores sell food grown in places like South America, Mexico, The Mid West, and Utah. We are able to buy foods anonymously without context of sustainable farming methods, processing methods, and the livelihood of the farmer and the butcher.

Knowing where our food comes from allows us the opportunity to make conscious choices, think of those who provide our food, and connect with the cycle of life.


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House Demeter T Shirts

Our Advisory House has the opportunity to raise money! The monies raised will go directly to our House. So many ideas…… it will all depend on how much money we raise!

Original Works is a great way for students to be creative and express themselves, and family and friend can purchase their art! A few members of House Demeter have submitted works!

Students decided on our house name, attributes, colors and symbol (the lotus). A house member painted our logo and gave it to us as a beautiful gift. Our house logo has so much love and community in it. I will always be proud to guide House Demeter.

House Demeter members have an opportunity to purchase T shirts with our house logo on it. You can wear the shirt to school to show your house pride and be in dress code!

Monday November 13, 2017 is the last day to order shirts!

To order a shirt:

Go to

Enter the School Code: Marmon

In the Title Box enter: Marmon665

Select the House Demeter artwork

Select the image of the T shirt

Input the Student Code: 400264



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Erdkinder Reflections

The Erdkinder class has been reading and reflecting on Erdkinder by Maria Montessori and Montessori Today by Paula Polk Lillard.

Montessori Today chapter 9 The Planes of Adulthood is about the transition adolescents make to become an adult.

“At this time the Adolescents are impressive intellectually. They want to discuss abstract ideas and reason through to conclusions based on evidence. They are interested in discussing moral and spiritual issues, the purpose of life and the meaning of death. They like to debate what the author of a book is really saying, or an artist truly intending through his paintings, or a composer expressing through her music. They want to explore what others are thinking and feeling and are perceptive about their strengths and weaknesses. ” – Montessori Today


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Crow Canyon 9th Grade Field Trip

Wednesday October 31st the Crow Canyon Field Trip Agreement and Deposit is Due!

Full payment is not due until February 28th. We encourage students to fundraise and work to earn the money for the trip. Please do not let monies prevent you from attending; talk to Office if you need assistance.

Jr High Blog Crow Canyon Page

9th Grade Crow Canyon Field Trip Agreement


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