5th & 6th grade field trips

Hello Parents,

Our 5th and 6th grade field trips are coming up quickly. The 5th graders will be going to JA Biztown in SLC. Our room parent is able to take our 5th graders to SLC and bring them back to school. Thank you for your patience as we figured out transportation. I understand how hard it is for parents to get the day off to attend field trips.

The 6th graders will be going to the Clark Planetarium in SLC on the 11th. They will need to be at the Ogden Frontrunner Station at 7:45 am.  Students will need to be picked up from the Ogden Frontrunner Station at 2:24 pm.

Valentine’s Day

Hello Parents,

On Friday we will have a small class party at 1:30-2:30. Your children can bring Valentine’s for the class if they want to. We have 25 students in our class. If they would like to bring a treat to share, they can. It must be purchased from a store. It cannot be anything homemade.  On Thursday February 13th, please have your child bring an un-decorated box. During our Art time we will be decorating boxes as a class. If your child has specific decorating supplies they want to use they can bring them. I will have stuff for them to use though.

Gala Baskets

Hello Parents!

We will be having our Annual Gala on March 21st! Be sure and mark your calendars so that you can attend. This year each class is going to make a basket that will be donated to the Silent Auction. All money donated will come directly back to our school! Our class will create a basket called “Animal Lovers Unite”.  It will consist of items for cats and dogs. It would be so appreciated if you could help us with donations. The following is a list of items that we would like to put into our basket. We need to have all of our donations to our classroom no later than Friday, February 28th. We need to give our baskets to MAPA on the following Monday.

Cat toys

Dog toys







Food Dishes

Anything else you can think of

Spelling Bee!

Hello Parents!

UPDATE: The students that participate in the school wide Spelling Bee are the winner(s) of the classroom Spelling Bee.

On February 25th we will have our school Spelling Bee! Our class is getting ready! Each student has a copy of the National Spelling Be list for 2019-2020. Please help your student practice the words. As a class each student will be participating in our class spelling bee. The winner(s) of the class bee will go on to participate in the school bee. I do believe that any student can just go to the school wide bee but I will have to find out for sure. Some of the students have said they didn’t want to participate. The school spelling bee is not a requirement but the class one is.

Thank you for all that you do Parents! You’re awesome!


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful Winter Break and enjoyed the time off with your family and friends. We had a great week back to school. Remember tomorrow Friday, January 10th there is NO SCHOOL. This will be a teacher work day. As we start the second half of the year, we are working hard on our academics and grace and courtesy. All of the kids have been so happy and it seems they really enjoyed the much needed break. As a reminder, 5th and 6th graders should be working on their home projects which are Engineering Fair (5th) and Science Fair (6th).  These are due Monday, February 3rd. They will be presented on Thursday, February 6th.


Science Fair, Engineering Fair, and STEM Week

Hello Parents,


UPDATE: Engineering Fair and Science Fair projects are due Monday, February 3rd. They will be presented on Thursday, February 6th.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break and enjoyed the time with your loved ones. Some of your kids brought home information for Science Fair. The dates on those might be changed. I will know by Friday what the exact dates are. Upper Elementary and Jr High teachers had a meeting and it was proposed to push the date back further due to Winter Break being right in the middle of it and the date being so soon. We will be starting lessons on the process this week but the projects are a Home Project and will need to be completed at home, this includes the research portions.

4th graders will be conducting a STEM project with me. They DONOT have a home project. They may have some added work to do at home if it is not completed in class. However, we will be doing a group project.

5th graders will be doing the Engineering Fair and have received their Engineering Fair Log Book. Students are to keep track of their log books because it is their guide on how to do every step of the project. Students know that they will need to bring this log to school on Wednesdays so that I am able to monitor their progress and give them any guidance they may need so they do not fall behind. If I find that students are falling behind or not completing their project, I will be contacting parents for support and to see how I can best support their student. Students will be creating a prototype and that will need to be brought to school with their completed project for the Engineering Fair. Students were told they needed to discuss their projects with parents before making their final decision on a project due to possible costs involved. Students were advised that making something that costs money is not recommended. We do not want parents to incur any surprised costs.

6th graders will be participating in the Science Fair and have received their information for this. However, the due dates may be incorrect at this time. Students are not allowed to bring their experiments to the science fair. They will need to document with pictures, writings, and graphs. Students should discuss their ideas and plans with parents before deciding on a final project so that there are no surprise costs for parents.

I will be updating you as we go along. By Friday I should have the exact date of the Fairs. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me or contact me through Remind.


International Festival


Tomorrow November 20th is the due date for your child’s country report. To receive full credit they will need to bring it to school tomorrow. If it is turned in after tomorrow, it will be accepted but full credit will not be given. Students have been working hard during school hours at different times to get this done. Your child will be presenting their counties on Friday November 22, 1:00-3:00. Each teacher’s classroom will be a different continent. Your child will be presenting in the classroom according to the continent their country is located. For example, my classroom is the continent Africa. All student who do a country within Africa, they will present in my classroom.  Students will know which classroom they will be in on Friday morning so that they know where to set up after lunch. Below is the list of classrooms where students will be presenting.

Ms. Laura’s room – Australia
Mr. Colton’s room – North America
Ms. Vanessa’s room – South America
Ms. Christie’s room – Dependent Territories
Ms. Stacey’s room – Africa
Ms. Angela’s room – Europe
Ms. Kirsten’s room – Asia

Parent Teacher Conference


Parent Teacher Conference is December 17-19. Below are the links to sign up. PTC is student led so please have your child attend with you if possible. To allow your child to discuss their progress without distraction, please do not bring other siblings. I look forward to meeting with you and your child.



Coat Swap

Hey Parents!

We are having a coat swap this Friday the 15th. Right after school in the little gym. From 3-4 pm.

Bring in your kids coats that don’t fit any more washed and ready for a new home! Then come pick out a ‘new to you’ coat that fits your kids who’ve grown a foot or 2 🙂

If you can’t make it to the swap on Friday, we have an IKEA bag in the front by the MAPA billboard for you to leave your donations in.

Thanks in advance for all your help and support!!

‘One mans junk is another man’s treasure!’