Cold Weather!


As you may have noticed, it is getting COLD outside!! I have reminded students that they should be dressing for the weather elements outside. We will almost always go out to recess. The only time that we will not is when the temperature is below 20 degrees or the weather is severe. Light rain and snow is not a reason for us to stay inside. Of course on red burn days, those with documented breathing issues will be allowed to stay inside. Those that do not have medical issues will be considered on a case by case basis with that students parent.

In our classroom some students are cold and some are too warm. I try and create a happy medium but that doesn’t always work. Student can bring sweaters or jackets into the classroom as long as there is not a hood attached. Any type of hoodie or hood attached to the shirt/jacket cannot be worn in school.

Also, just as a reminder, per school dress code uniform shirts and pants/shorts need to be a solid color. No print, stripes, dots, flannel, etc. I know that there are times when your child has their coats on before you see what they are wearing. I have students at MMA also and I have gotten to school and have seen they were not in dress code. So I completely understand if this has happened to you. I just ask that you remind your children about the dress code.


Thank you Parents!!!



Classroom Management

Hello Parents,

I hope you are all having a Marvelous Monday! I just wanted to let you know a couple of things to be aware of. One is that students are bringing puddy, hacky sacks, and small toys to school. These are not allowed at school. If students are caught with them, I will be taking them and asking that parents pick them up from myself or the office. I have given the students direction on this multiple times.
Students have been allowed to bring microwave popcorn for snack or lunchtime. This has now become an issue with the amount of microwave time used and popcorn being shared or not shared with others in the classroom and causing hurt feelings. Also, popcorn is getting all over the place and students are not cleaning up as they should be. So I have told the students that popcorn is not allowed in the classroom.
Students are also sharing their lunches. Normally this is not a problem but now students are fussing over certain foods others are sharing or not sharing. At this time I am going to ask you to talk to your children about not sharing their lunches with others. I have talked to them as well but I am finding that they are still doing this when I am not directly with them. Also, students may have allergies that they are not aware of or parents monitor what they are giving their children.
Please do not send lunches that require more than 2 minutes to heat up. Students are using the microwaves for 5-7 minutes each and this causes them to not have much time to eat. We have to go out to recess as a class and if students are not finished eating by the time to go outside, then the whole class has to wait for the others. If student need to use the microwave for longer than two minutes, they will need to get back in line to use any added time.

The last thing is that the school is using a lot of copy paper and we need to conserve and use our paper supply effectively. Students are asking to be able to dray during their quiet times. If they have this time, they have other things in class they can do. If they want to draw pictures, I told them that they would need to bring paper from home. If it is school work related, then paper is provided to them. This is not something they are needing but are requesting.

Parents I appreciate all that you do and I am thankful that you allow me to teach your children each and every day.

Fall Festival!!!

Hello Wonderful Parents!!

I hope you have heard by now about the Fall Festival coming up on Friday October 4th. The kids are so excited! I sent home flyers this week with all of the information. Please invite your neighbors, friends, and family to come have fun with us!!! Kids are able to wear costumes to the Fall Festival if they would like to.

The link to purchase wristbands and tickets is here:
Wristbands will get you onto the custom event rides (not including the obstacle courses, rock wall, and some slides), the tickets can also be purchased at the same website separately or in packages with wristbands. Tickets are good for carnival games, rock wall, slides, etc. Some vendors will only be taking cash (Jr. Artisan Fair and food trucks).

We are still looking for a lot of help with carnival games! Please sign up on track it forward here: If you are able to help out with that but can’t figure out how to sign up on track-it-forward, email me at this address and I will be happy to find a place for you:
Without enough volunteers not only will games not be able to stay open to raise money, but rides will also shut down.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!

Fun Run!!!


Your kids should have brought home information concerning our Boosterthon Fun Run. The event will be held at our school on November 13th. Each student will get a FREE T-shirt to wear on the day of the Fun Run. Thank you to those who have already submitted T-shirt forms to me. I have submitted the forms for the remainder of the class so that no one is left out.  Students will be able to wear their T-shirts at other school functions/events. Everyone could use a free shirt right?

Attached is the form for sponsors. If you know of anyone who has their own business or any businesses that would want to sponsor, please give them this form. They will be able to advertise right on the shirts!!! Teachers and students will be wearing these shirts and that is a lot of advertising! These forms need to be turned into Ms. Lana by Sept 23rd.

2019 Boosterthon Business Sponsorship Form


Hello Parents!


Some of you have asked about homework and why there isn’t any assigned. We are a Montessori school and most times there is not a need to assign homework because we work together and individually in class. They are learning and practicing during the day. We want our students to be kids while they are home and enjoy their family time. The only requirement I have given them is to read for 20 minutes each night and have a parent or older sibling initial their planner. They have their weekly spelling words written in their planners so they can study those if they need to. However, we go over them daily by writing them, sentences, defining, and quizzing each other.

Your kiddos are amazing and doing well. I enjoy each and every one of them. Have a Wonderful Weekend!!!!

Week 2 in the Books!!


Can you believe it? We have been in school now for two weeks! The time has gone fast. Your children are engaged in lessons and learning. I am so happy and amazed at their eagerness to learn. We started implementing academics this week and having a great time. The students are adjusting well to full days now. The only issue they are having is that they are HUNGRY when it is time for lunch. Last week we were on early out schedule so we had lunch at 11:20. We have lunch at 12:00 on  a full day schedule. We do have a small snack in the mornings but it does not seem to be enough. Please ensure your kiddos are eating a good breakfast in the mornings. I have reminded them to do this too. We have had small lessons/discussions on practical life skills and responsibility. One of those responsibilities is to assist parents and/or wake up in enough time to fix themselves breakfast. I know as a mom of school aged children myself, mornings can be crazy and I can’t get lunches and breakfast done for everyone. So hopefully, your children will take an interest in helping with morning routines, if they do not already do so.

I wanted to also tell you all thank you for coming to your child’s Family Luncheon if you were able to attend. The kids couldn’t stop talking about how fun it was. Hopefully we will be able to do something like this again in the near future.


Have a great weekend!!!! See you on Monday!!!

Indoor Shoes/Slipper Shoes

Hello Parents!!

I just wanted to remind you about our indoor shoe dress code. As most of you are aware, we wear indoor shoes or slipper shoes while we are in the school. When we go outside of the building, we then put our outdoor shoes on. Please make sure you send your student with indoor shoes that can be left at school. As a parent, I know school supplies, fees, clothes, etc. can be burdensome. Believe me, I know this because I have three boys who grow out of everything fast and I simply cannot keep replacing things. If you would like help with getting indoor shoes, please send me an email and we will ensure your child has them for school. My email address is

Thank you for being AMAZING parents!

Family Luncheon

Hello Parents!

Your students and I had a wonderful first week of school! I have enjoyed each and every one of them. Our classroom atmosphere is so positive and welcoming. I am so proud of your children for being accepting of everyone in the class no matter what our differences are. They are happy and eager to learn and make friends.
We are inviting you to come have lunch with your child on Thursday August, 22nd at 12:00-12:30. From 12:30-1:00 we will have a planned activity for you to participate in with your child. It will be a great time for all of us and I know your child will love for you to be there. Please bring your own lunch and come see how your child interacts with their classmates and others. Please check in at the main office and they will direct you where to go.
I am looking forward to seeing you! Have a wonderful weekend!