School Supply List 2018-2019


School Supply List 2018-2019

Ms. Shanan’s Class

1 Flash Drive This one is super important.

1 clipboard

3 non-glossy simple red, green, blue or yellow folders (plain)  Not for individual use, please no names on them.

1 binder for a portfolio if you don’t have one from last year

1 package of clear protective sheets

1 Package of subject divider tabs

1 Package of Dry Erase Markers

2 Packages of Ticonderoga Pencils

1 Magazine Holder (This holds are the student’s belongings during class.) Please don’t buy the ones that are open-ended and have lost of holes in them.  Make sure they have a sturdy front to keep things from falling out. Try putting a bunch of stuff in it and see if it falls out; this was a big problem last year.

1 Metal Compass for Math

1 Package of Erasers

1 package of Highlighters

6 Composition Notebooks

3 Package of nonabrasive sponges  This one is super important.

1 Package of Lined Paper

1 metal pencil sharpener (not plastic)

1 package of glue sticks

1 pair of scissors

1 potted plant (This is used for botany lessons that go on throughout the year. Please have the plant already in an established pot.) Think indoor plant not outdoor

2 packages of colored pencils

2 packages of markers

1 Ruler

1 box of Kleenex

2 roll of paper towels



Visual List

41n7lBai7JL__AC_US218_ Portfolio Binder

31qA-WBV0pL__AC_US218_ Sheet Protectors

31zHKYHcG7L__AC_US160_  1 Flash Drive

51MxDgY2aOL__AC_US160_  1 package of dry erase markers

51Tmpqz5wjL__AC_US160_  2 packages of pencils

Please only buy Ticonderoga Pencils. The others break quickly in the sharpener.

41L7EPOX0UL__AC_US160_ 1 Magazine holder

Any style of magazine holder is alright, but must stand upright and be able to last all year.

41tdM820NaL__AC_US160_ 1 metal compass

Please don’t by the plastic compass; it breaks easily.

41yo8KTn6QL__AC_US160_ Erasers

51j6M79gB3L__AC_US160_ Highlighters

51XpHhXxHrL__AC_US160_ 6 Composition Notebooks

51ztzf0fMGL__AC_US160_ 2 packages of nonabrasive sponges

41MXXl2aodL__AC_US160_ A Package of Lined Paper

41nGU1sCj8L__AC_US160_ Please only buy metal ones.  61CTWsIE+GL__AC_US160_  x 2

410tKqgcdjL__AC_US160_  1 Potted Plant

Please bring the plant in an established pot.   Your student will take care of it all year for botany lessons.

414+l-8ym5L__AC_US160_ Only one pair is needed.

517slth3LsL__AC_US160_ Optional

516Hh1sV+AL__AC_US160_  2 packs of colored pencils.

This is a product that is good to invest in quality; we use them intensely all year for cultural, art and math lessons.

61nxrMFIQdL__AC_US160_1 Package of Markers (optional)

31B-Ug07n+L__AC_US160_ 1 Box of Kleenex


31a51dy6DxL__AC_US160_  1Ruler

51x9PCnhLXL__AC_US160_ 1 Package of Paper Towels

41Hw1E6tlSL__AC_US160_ 1 Clipboard



The items on this list will be used during the regular school day.  They may be brought from home on a volunteer basis, otherwise, they will be furnished by the school.