February 27

Hello parents,

I was wondering if you would be willing to prepare a framed family picture for your student to display in our class.  I thought it would be fun for us all to have one of our families to personalize our classroom and give your student comfort.  It can be a candid shot if you want.  It can’t be too big because it will fit on a special shelf I’ve prepared for it.  Thank you.

Ms. Shanan

Literacy Week Promotion


We are looking for community members to read their favorite books aloud to our students. Come dressed as your profession to promote the idea that everyone reads! On March 1st, police officers, nurses, pilots and customer service representatives, homemakers and more, can share their love of reading with children by signing up at the following link https://wejoinin.com/sheets/pygcf. We’ll even supply the books if you have too many favorites to choose from

December 16

Dear parents,

The Christmas Party is on December 20, Tuesday from 10-12.  Please let me know if you can provide a craft.  So far, no one has signed up.  The International Festival is this Monday from 9-11.  Please remember that a healthy snack would be appreciated for our Christmas party (Eggnog is fine! (;)

December 12

Dear parents,

Due to some good feedback I have made a page on the blog with the due dates and expectations for the month of December.  I will do this every month from now on.  It will include all field trip information, due dates for assignments and any other pertinent information that involves the class.  I hope this is helpful so you don’t have to search through past blog posts to find important information.

Your students have decided they want to do a secret Santa exchange this holiday.  They will be getting a name of a student tomorrow, Monday.  This exchange will happen on December 20.  The gift should be simple and no more than $5.  If you would not like to participate in this or are having difficulty with this, please shoot me a quick email and I will make sure your child will have a gift to exchange with their secret Santa.  I know how tight money can be around the holidays.

We will also be having a our festive snack and craft time on the 20th.  We need about 4 crafts.  If you think you could help our class with a craft, could you email me?

Will and Lincoln have snack this week.  Thank you!

I hope your families are healthy and well.  Thank you again for all that you do.

Ms. Shanan

November 14

Hello everyone,

The home project for November is a continent/country report.  It really isn’t due until December 19 for the International Festival held at our school.  The students have been given a rubric but this rubric is intended to be done in class with outside class time if desired.  Your responsibility is to help with the presentation of the material for the International Festival.  A display board or other visual aid is required along with any artifacts or food samples from the country if possible. I will be sending out a home-rubric for the display board closer to December.  Right now, the best thing is just to have fun with your student.  Sit down sometimes and explore the country/continent with your student.  Find out what animals, plants and people are there.  It shouldn’t be a to-do list of requirements.  We just want your student to become curious about the rest of the world.

How our class celebrates Thanksgiving is each student is responsible to bring one thing to share for a Thanksgiving lunch held this Friday, November 18.  https://www.wejoinin.com/sheets/mcfaq This wejoinin sheet is where to pick what you will bring.  Please feel free to bring what you want.  If someone already chose pie, you can too; there is no sign-up limits.  The expectation is that every family will participate.  Please let me know if this is not possible for you right now, otherwise, we will be looking for your name on the sign-up list.  Your student can bring the food with them to school in the morning.  We have the capacity to keep things warm here at the school.  Thank you so much for all you do to make all the students in the class have great “memory-moments”.

The book of the month is nonfiction.  There is no requirement for a book report or any visual aid.  I do expect the book to be at least 100 pages in length.  They will share the book they read at the end of the month.  Thank you.

Ms. Shanan


August 22-26

Well parents,

The first week of school was a success!  We focused mainly on building a class community by doing team building activities and challenges.  We practiced class procedures and simply enjoyed one another.  If your student hasn’t brought in his/her three objects for the get-to-know-you activity, he/she still can this week.

team building

This next week we will continue to build our class community with more challenging team building activities; the students will have to work together to accomplish collective goals.  We will also do service projects together such as rebuilding the school labyrinth and weeding the school gardens.


Your student will also be assessed in math and writing as well as be given what the Montessori community calls “The Great Lessons”.  The first great lesson is on “The Beginning of the Universe.  The second one is “The Coming of Life on Earth.  These two will be the focus this week.  Next week it will be “The Coming of Humans”, “Communication with Signs” and “Communication with Numbers”.  These lessons are intended to ignite the student’s imagination.  We give the student the grand picture and let them explore by asking questions and doing research.  It should be a fun week.


If you brought your plant in its pot that you purchased from the store, it’s going to eventually need a real pot.  It just isn’t aesthetically pleasing to see it in its black plastic pot.  It also will grow out of that pot quickly.  Thank you.

potted plant

The snack schedule is now a page on this blog.  Please refer to it to see which week your family brings snack.  Thank you.

I sent out in an email that each student will need to bring a magazine file to hold his/her belongings.  The question was asked about size.  Two inches wide is about right.

magazine file

Thanks to those who came to the back-to-school night.  I can’t wait to meet all of you.

Ms. Shanan



August 14-A little homework for this week


Not to scare you, I just wanted to ask for a little help with your students’ first week.  First, when your student brings in his/her plant, will you make sure it has a plate or water-catch of some-sort under it?  Second,  I forgot to ask for rulers; if you happen to be in the store or at home and see a ruler could you have your student bring it in?  Thanks.  Third,  your student is doing a little get-to-know-you activity this week.  Could your student bring in a few objects from home that helps us learn a little more about him/her?  This will be on Tuesday morning.

Okay, that’s all!  Not so bad-right?


Ms. Shanan