About Ms. Shanan


I have been teaching for 13 years.  Ten of those years were in the Montessori Method.  I love teaching and feel a commitment to helping children.  I have a bachelor’s degree in education from Utah State University.  I’m certified in the Montessori Method from ages 3-12.  I grew up in Logan, Utah.  I currently live in Tremonton, Utah but will be moving to North Ogden soon.  I have two boys who both attend the school.  My husband’s name is Jon.  If you ever hear about students in the school going to the “farm”  that is where I live.  The school has junior high field trips at our farm three times a year.  I love my students to be active and outside a lot.  Our class has a big commitment to our garden.  I have a lot of animals in my class. Currently, we have a turtle, two finches and fish.  The students love it!  They take care of them as part of their practical life training.  I plan on having a fun but rigorous school year.  It is nice to meet you!

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