August 31

Our class is doing so well.  Everyone is nice to each other.  We are already working hard.  We are team building and getting closer as a class family every day.  We’ve already learned about the beginning of the universe, about the life of Maria Montessori (It’s her birthday today.) and about our class norms.  I’m learning a lot about where your student is in his/her progress in math and language.  I’ve been doing math assessments as well as reading level assessments.  We have a bright group.  I’m excited to dive into well structured lessons next week and get this ball rolling.  Next week, we will be learning about where we fit in the cosmos, about life on earth and what our cosmic task as humans is in taking care of our planet.  We will also be starting our United States unit and will focus primarily next week on the Native Americans of this continent.  We will also begin the study of the water cycle and weather for the younger students and global weather patterns for the older students.  We will be studying in the gardens for botany paying particular focus on the sunflower-its mathematical patterns, its uses for the Native Americans and its botanical structure.  I think we will have a lot of fun and learn at the same time.  I love each of your children.  They each bring a special addition to our classroom.  Thank you for choosing to have them here at Maria Montessori Academy.

Ms. Shanan

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