August 23

Dear parents,

We’ve had a great few couple of days.  I’ve created a page on this blog called the “Snack Schedule”.  In my class you are assigned a week to provide snack for the class.  This isn’t prepared by you but is brought in and then prepared by the students.  Snack can include items such as apples, cheese, bananas, crackers and so forth.  You bring it in once on the Monday and we take care of the rest.  If you have a problem with providing snack please shoot me an email and I will take you off the schedule; no problem.  I will give you a week warning.  This next week I didn’t schedule anyone due to the short notice but if you are able to help out and bring in some snack, the students would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for all the school supplies.  It sets us all up for success for the rest of the year.  I’ve loved getting to know you and your students.  I know we will have a full and wonderful year!

Ms. Shanan

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