Upcoming Important Things-February 7, 2018

Hello parents,

We are having a Valentine’s party on February 14.  Each student, if possible, has been asked to bring a Valentine snack or craft for that day.  There is also the expectation that each student will bring valentines for every member of the class, a box or bag to hold them, and one special valentine treat for an individual in the class; they drew names for a secret cupid.  I know this is a lot.  I told the whole class that this was too much but they voted and all wanted to do these things.  If you don’t have the ability or want to provide any of the above valentine stuff just let me know and I will help get something together.  These are the current snack/craft assignments that the students created as well as a name list for the valentines.


Lily- Whip cream and strawberries

Jordynn- Cookies

Matt-Chocolate-dipped strawberrires

Mckenzie-Veggie Tray

Trey- Salsa and chips

Juliann- Cheese ball and crackers

Ben- Stuffed red peppers

Annie ?

Valaya- Craft

Rio- Chocolate fondue and fruit


Akela- Cookies

Preslie- Drink



Jennaveica- Fruit


Brynn- Craft

Lincoln- Fruit Tray

Bingham- Chocolate Strawberries



Carl- Cheese and Crackers


We are also getting ready for our field trip on Tuesday.  Currently, this is what the students have said about car pools.

Valaya is driving and is taking Akela, Preslie, Konnor, Jordynn, Annie and Mari.

Rio is driving and taking Mckenzie, Monica, Trey, Konnor,  Carl and Matt.  (But she might be only able to take Mckenzie, Trey and Konnor depending on her car situation)

Jennavecia is driving and taking Stevie and Kenadee.

Lincoln said he might be able to take Bingham, Jayden and Ben.

Brynn has a ride.

Juliann still needs a ride.

This is the word on the street as of this morning.  If you plan to drive can you confirm it with me so we can plan accordingly.

Next week is parent-teacher conference.  They have moved to a new system of sign-up through MAPA.  I’m figuring it out right after I send this post.  I will send a second post when I have it figured out.  It will be today, but conferences are next Wednesday,  Thursday and Friday and these are also half-days with school getting out at one.

Thank you,

Ms. Shanan

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