January 4

Hello parents,

I hope your break was wonderful.  The students are great!  They got right back to work.  Looking forward, the important information you need is listed below.

  • The home project for the months of January and February is the Science Fair.  Sixth graders are the only ones that compete in the fair.  The fourth and fifth graders will just share their projects with the class and they won’t be judged.  The requirements for this project are more relaxed for fourth and fifth graders and much more involved for sixth.  The fifth graders will have their big project later in the spring at the engineering fair and the fourth will have their big project at the history fair again later in the spring.  You can find the requirements on the Science Fair page on this blog.
  • I’ve updated the snack schedule.  Please take a look.  Due to construction and recess congestion, we don’t go out to recess until one o’clock.  Every one is starving by 11 a.m.  It is really nice when we have a snack for them.  Thank you for your help.

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