December 9

Dear parents,

We had a class meeting and decided to have our winter holiday class party on Monday, December 21th from 9-12. Students were each asked to bring a holiday snack to share.  They also voted on having a secret Santa exchange.  Each student got the name of another random student in the class.  I told them to talk to you about your comfort level and feasibility with this but they will purchase or create a gift for their secret Santa to not exceed 5-10 dollars.  If you have a problem with this, please let me know and I can help your student out with this task.  I know Christmas time can be financially stressful.  Just email me if you have concerns and I will handle it.  The reason it is on Thursday morning is that the International Festival fills up the rest of the week.

  • Tuesday 12/19 Junior High 1-2.30 (Gym)
  • Wednesday 12/20 Upper El 9-11 (Kiva and classrooms)
  • Thursday 12/21 Lower El 1-2.30 (classroom)

I would also like it if some of you could help me plan some fun holiday crafts for our party.  If you think you can prepare one for our class will you please email me.

Thank you so much,

Ms. Shanan

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