Country Report for International Festival

Hi Parents,

Just a reminder that your student’s home project is due.  I would like to see them done in class no later than December 15.  Your student was given the rubric to take home.  If you haven’t seen it, can you ask your student where it is?  I can print out a new one if he/she has lost it.  The requirements for the home project are on the rubric.  Along with this report students should be making posters or visual aids that celebrate their countries with pictures and information to present in the festival.  It is also fun to have your student dress up, have artifacts, play music and provide food samples for the festival if they want.  No drinks or food that has to be warmed up, also no tooth picks.  Limited time in class will be provided for this project so doing it at home needs to be planned.


Ms. Shanan

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