February 21

Avo and Baily have snack this week.  Thanks girls!

I’m taking the “Year at a Glance”  off this website; things have changed.  I knew they would.  Montessori is so fluid!  I will make an updated version.

Some students want homework.  If you student comes home with a packet, your student wanted extra work. They are required to turn it in on Friday.  Woo Hoo!

We are working on a field trip to Crystal Hot Springs in March.  A permission form should be coming home by the end of February.  Still working on the details.

Home Projects from the middle of February until the middle of March are as follows:

4-  Utah History Fair Research Paper and Visual Aid

Your student must pick a topic from Utah history and do an in depth study of it.  They must write at least a two-page research paper and have a visual aid to put in our history fair display.  It could be anything from a poster, an artifact, an art project and so forth.  The student must be able to explain the visual aid with at least ten accompanying facts placed on the poster or put on an index card when the student presents their project.

5- Engineering Fair Project

An engineering fair is similar to the science fair.  The student must go through a process of trial and error while making an invention.  If you go on science buddies it will explain the process.  Your student will be learning this week the steps.  Your student will bring home a packet with the details.  You have until the middle of March to get it ready.

6- Home Project of Choice

Your student make pick any topic of interest but it must include a four-page research paper with citations and references.  They must also include a visual aid.  Topics need to be checked by myself before the student goes forward on the project.  Remember, this is a home project to be done with parents or guardians.  This will not be given time at school to do.

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