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Each student will research and explore a country from the continent their class has been studying this semester. They will need to find a creative way to share what they have learned with the whole school. This project will need to include the country’s flag, a landform in the country, and how fundamental human needs are met there (such as transportation, food, housing, etc. ). Students may include any other interesting facts about their particular country. They will need to have a display of their country. This can include pictures, artifacts, clothing, music, and food. Students will present their projects individually in their own class in addition to presenting to the entire school during the cultural festival. During the festival, students will have the opportunity to visit each classroom and experience all of the continents and countries throughout the world as they view the presentations prepared by their schoolmates. Each student is expected to participate in the festival.

The Europe project is due the 17th through the 22nd.  I can’t wait to see everyone’s projects




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