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Week two

Hello all and good evening,

I am excited to begin another week with your students.  I look forward to getting to know them more on a personal level as well as on an academic level.  I guess the great thing about being new to the school is that I can begin this year with a clean slate.  I will be doing informal assessments this week to ascertain where students are in reading, math, and writing.  To let you know, I will be looking at grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, as well as handwriting.  I will also look at the understanding of place value, math operations, as well as where they are in understanding mathematical concepts.  Where this is a lot of work to know where everyone is, it is also exciting to get an idea of where they are and where they need to be.

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful and restful weekend.  If you have not had a chance to see the classroom yet, please drop by after the luncheon on Thursday.  I hope that many of you are able to attend.  This is a new activity for MMA and I look forward to seeing you have lunch with your child.  The invite can be seen here in the previous blog as well as on the schools’ website.

The first home project will be in October.  We are finalizing the documents for that one and I will be publishing those hopefully by the end of this week.  Additionally, we will be having our first Lower El field trip at the end of September.   We will be taking the trax to the Clark Planetarium in downtown SLC.  This should be a great trip.  I am looking for quite a few volunteers to accompany us on this trip.  If you can go, please let our parent extraordinaire Mrs. Keener know.  The more parents there are accompanying us, the greater the time each student has.

Have an amazing week,

Ms. Shauna

MMA Lucheon

Hello wonderful parents and caregivers,

This coming Thursday, MMA is hosting a luncheon for our entire school (you included)!  We invite you if you can to come and have lunch with your student/students on this day!  This is something we have never done, but feel it is important for you to have that experience right out of the gate.  MMA is an inclusive school where we want you to know and appreciate how much we care about you, your student and your talents that you bring to our school.  Family luncheon


Please let me know if you cannot view this link!!

Hello all,

I just wanted to let you know that the first day of class went well.  We will be working on the Great Lessons starting in the next couple of days.  The first home project will be in October.  That will be our history project.  As soon as I have all the details, I will let you know.  The students will also be getting those assignments in the next few days as well.   Please make sure to check the MMA website for any additional information.  As far as I know, all of the teacher blogs are up and current.

I’m looking forward to a great year.

Additionally, if anyone would like to provide a snack this week or next, these weeks are available.  Keep in mind that we now have students with peanut allergies.

Thank you for all you do,

Ms. Shauna

Good day,

I hope that this finds you well.  It was wonderful to meet many of you at sneak a peek! I am looking forward to working with you and your child this year.

A quick overview for those of you who did not make it yesterday afternoon: School begins at 8:30 am. Students who come in the door after that time can check-in at the front desk to ensure that you are counted for the day. That way, I know your child is here and so does the office.

MAPA has asked that any parent interested wanting to be part of our Parent organization contact our parent board to participate. This is a wonderful way to keep up with school activities and keep our school community strong.

A big shout-out to our room parent volunteer! Amanda Keener! When we spoke yesterday, I was excited that she would be willing to take this on. Amanda is the contact for class parties, field trips, etc. Thanks again, Amanda.

I know that some of you will not be at school on Monday. If you are still traveling, stay safe. We look forward to your return.

Over the next few weeks, we will be going over many procedures and also begin assessing students. If there are any questions or concerns that arise over the next few weeks, please let me know.  I strive to meet the needs of students and parents.

If you have not signed a sheet for the pet, please feel free to email me and I will get one to you. This just states that you are okay with a pet in the classroom and that you allow your child to feed the pet. I will be picking up a Betta fish in the next few weeks to place in the classroom. I do not expect any students to clean the tank, just be willing to feed him and make sure he is taken care of. If you do not want your child taking care of the fish. Just sign the paper and change nothing. The sheet can say it’s okay or not okay by crossing out one word for it being okay and not crossing out any words if it is not something you want your child participating in.

Our specials this year will be on Tuesday. I understand that last year PE was on Tuesday. Additionally, we will also have Art and Music. So, with that being said, students will need to wear appropriate attire on Tuesdays to participate in physical education activities. Ms. Shanan (PE coach extraordinaire is looking for PE equipment. She is looking for any free weights/ fitness equipment if parents have any and would like to donate to our school.  Ms. Shanan will be trying to build up students strength training in PE.

Have a wonderful weekend…


Ms. Shauna and Ms. Misha



Aloha Parents,
I have not put this out there yet, but our classroom is in serious need of plates, bowls, silverware, and cups. If you know where (or know someone who is not using extras, I would like to get some for our class. If you have some and want to get rid of them, I will take them off your hands! Thank you.

I would also take paper products for plates etc…
Additionally, snack sign-up will be out tomorrow during our sneak-a-peek event.  I hope to be able to meet everyone!



School Supply List 2019-20120 Ms. Shauna’s classroom


These items may be found on Amazon. You are certainly not required to purchase them or anything like
that. I find that some items may be purchased from other places cheaper. This is just for idea purposes
of what I am looking for. These do not need to be brand names. The Crayola brand is a good one that I
have found lasts the longest, but certainly not required. This is all optional purchases.
I look forward to getting to know the MMA families –
Items 1-10 are personal items for your student and should have first-last names, please
1- 3 ring binder – This may be either a 1 inch or a 1.5-inch binder
2- Mini sketch pad – Melissa & Doug makes a great one for reference. This will be used for
botany and other drawings.
3- Wide ruled composition book – need 2 (3 rd years only)
4- Composition book (Primary for grades 1st and 2nd years only)
5- Insulated lunch box (plain with no characters, please)
6- Dividers for binders (colored tabs with pockets) 1 set
7- 1 water bottle (plain with no characters) may be any style. Small enough to fit in a
basket – large enough to be usable.
8- Loose-leaf paper – 3 holes punched – wide lined only (1 package of 100 sheets)
9- Unpunched dotted paper (1 packet)
10- Crayola twistable colored pencils – May also be Crayola adult coloring pencils (the softer
the lead, the better and richer the color. This is a specific brand only
11- 1 pair of hard or study soled indoor shoes – I like a croc type of shoe, but any shoe that
can be worn outside in the weather in case of a fire drill is perfectly acceptable
The following items will be kept for class usage: (optional)
12- 24 count Ticonderoga (These pencils are the best for writing. I prefer black, but will take
any pencil
13- 1 box of facial tissue (may be any brand)
14- Crayola or off-brand fine markers
15- Crayola or off-brand broad markers

16- 2 rolls of paper towels
17- Prang watercolor set