Hello Dear Parents,

Another week past and we are in the middle of January… wait! …¬† it wasn’t yesterday when we say Happy New Year?

Well, we are moving forward and we keep adding in knowledge and new lessons for all levels. We are having fun learning about Tectonic Plates , Volcanoes and liquid measurement. Third level is also having new writing workshops and learning how to put ideas into words.

This week we will learning about compass rose/town game/map symbols,volcanoes (parts and types),classified nomenclature- mountains (types of and parts of). Pronoun and conjunction key experience. Word Problems , strategies, how to etc. Multiplication with same denominator for Second and Third level, Intro to Money for third level.

We also wanted to remind you about our Chili Cookout activity. January 30th 5:30-7:00 pm. Please sign up to participate with one of the winner recipes!!

We will be ok this week with snack. I will post a new sign up sheet for next week.

Friday we are going to continue with our reading and I am asking again to bring a pillow for the activity.

Again if you have any questions , please ask me!


Ms Pat and Mr Zoelan.


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